Top Tips To Help Your Teen Do Well At School

AD | Parents play a huge role in the educational success of their teenage children. A little support and guidance goes a long way and even though teenagers are seeking their own independence, parental involvement is vital. Here are some  top tips from a private senior school in Hertfordshire for parents who want to help their teen do well in school.

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Healthy Habits

Start by encouraging healthy habits in your teen. For example, ensure they get enough sleep each night and eat a nutritious breakfast each morning before school. Certain foods will help increase attention span, memory and alertness. Exercise is also great for brain power, even if it’s just a little walk each day. If they’re tired and grumpy at school, they will not be able to absorb information very well.

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Get Organised

Instilling organisational skills is important as well, because this is a key life skill that will help them stay on top of their studies, hand work in on time and remember all of the right books when they’re packing their school bag.

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Show An Interest

At the end of each school day, ask your teen lots of open ended questions that demand more than “yes” or “no” answers. If they know that you’re there to talk to, the challenges they might be experiencing at school will feel easier and you’ll be able to help them deal with things that are bothering them. Generally, your teen will benefit from knowing that you’re there to help them if they need you.

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Offer Help

With that in mind, be sure to make yourself available during homework sessions so that questions can be asked. If your teen is preparing for a test, you could offer to go through their notes with them so that they know not only are you interested and invested in their education, you’re also available for support.  


By offering support and helping guide your child to make informed choices with regards to their schooling and lifestyle you’ll ensure they have the best possible chance to succeed.

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