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A Parents’ Guide To GCSE Exams

AD| Exam period is tough for students, but a crucial stage in their lives nonetheless. The grades your child receives will help determine how they progress with their education, and ultimately their career. All parents want their children to do well in their exams and there are ways you can help. Dover College have put together the following advice.

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Whether your child is already going through their GCSE exams, or they’re starting in a year or two, parents can have an active role in supporting them throughout. First and foremost, you must make sure your child has good attendance and is punctual to class; it’s important that they make the most of their lesson time. Studies have shown that attendance has a direct impact on GCSE results. Furthermore, when it comes to parents evening, it’s important that you attend, because the teachers might point out problem areas that your child should focus on more when it comes to revision.


When your child is revising, offer to be their study buddy as they might benefit from going over their notes with someone. You could also help by testing them or simply being there to answer any questions they might have. Even providing your child with a quiet study area, a decent desk and all of the relevant stationery and books is a way for you to support them. Just knowing you’re on their side will help them feel a little calmer about the situation.

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A huge way to help your child during exam period is to respect the fact that they won’t have as much spare time for chores and other activities around the home, as they should be dedicating their time to revision. What’s more, you should be sensitive to the fact that they may be feeling stressed, frustrated and anxious and they might take it out on you and the rest of the family. Try to talk to them about their emotions and ease the pressure by helping them keep things in perspective.


Organisation during exam period is of the utmost importance. Make sure your child knows the date and time of each of their exams, as well as how long it is. Encourage them to get enough rest before the exam and ensure they are eating sensibly. Porridge and other slow release carbohydrates are great options. They’ll also need all of the relevant equipment, including a bottle of water with the label removed.

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