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4 Benefits Of Outdoor Learning For Kids

AD | It’s important for children, particularly when they’re young, to learn in different ways and explore a multitude of environments. This means that they should get out of the classroom from time to time and discover the great outdoors. Many children don’t have access to safe outdoor environments where they can play freely, which is why it’s important that they have this opportunity at school. Manor Lodge in Shenley , for instance, places an emphasis on allowing children to think beyond text books and learn creatively. Here are several benefits of outdoor learning:

  • Learning outdoors helps children develop a sense of respect toward nature and the environment as a whole, because they start to understand it a little better. They have direct contact with animals, bugs and plants, as well as weather and seasons. These learning experiences are all unique to the outdoors
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  • Outdoor learning allows children to explore and develop their physical capabilities by being active and healthy, exploring and experimenting. This is great for kinaesthetic learners, who learn and retain information predominantly through active movement and sensory development.


  • A variety of teaching environments allows schools to make appropriate use of all of their resources so that they can appeal to a range of interests amongst their students. While some students prefer to read and write, it would be unfair to assume that none of the students within a class are interested in experimenting in an outdoor environment.
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  • Being outdoors allows children to develop critical thinking skills. This is because they will find that not everything they experience outside matches up completely to what they read about in books. As a result, they begin to understand how complex the real word is, giving them more realistic expectations.


The above benefits of outdoor learning are just a few of the ways in which it can help our children grow and develop.

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