Book Review: The Perfect Moment By Alix Kelso

My reading genre is varied, if I like the sound of a story I will pick it up and read it regardless of the category it falls into. One of my favourites though has always been romance and it’s a genre I find my self reading often, especially after something a little heavier, offering something more lighthearted to lose myself in. Today I’m sharing my review of the debut romance novel by Alix Kelso who kindly sent me a copy of her book and I hope you enjoy reading all about it!


Is there ever a perfect moment to begin again in life?

Ever since tragedy threw her life into turmoil, Laura has taken refuge in her waitressing job at Valentino’s restaurant in Glasgow’s leafy Fairhill. Serving lattes and lunch specials means she’s too busy to think about all she lost or the dreams she was forced to abandon. So when her beloved boss announces she’s selling the business, Laura is devastated. Hatching a plan to set her up with the local pub owner, Laura hopes the two of them will make a connection that might just change her mind.

Recovering from betrayal and heartbreak, Bruce is also in hiding from the world and working in his uncle’s pub while he wonders how to restart his life. When Laura asks for help with her matchmaking scheme, he finds himself unable to refuse. She has a smile he can’t resist, no matter how much he wants to

.But as their plan is set in motion, the matchmakers begin falling for each other. Yet Laura thinks she’s happy with her dull boyfriend and Bruce won’t risk another broken heart. As the future of Valentino’s hangs in the balance, can these two lost and lonely people find the perfect moment to start their lives again together?


Laura arrived at Valentino’s broken and looking for a place to heal, finding the comfort she sought from owners Angelo and Natalie who welcomed her into their ‘family’. Fast forward 10 years and her world is shaken with uncertainty and change firmly on the horizon as the restaurant is put up for sale. Desperate she cooks up a somewhat crazy idea to try and stop widowed Natalie making what she perceives to be a massive mistake, by seeking a man for her to date to help deflect her attention from the restaurant sale.

Across the road  Bruce is working in his Uncle Keith’s pub The Crooked Thistle, pulling pints and nursing a broken heart, the result of his recent divorce. Life for Bruce is pretty monotonous working day and night whilst trying to find a way to move his life forward, that is except his interactions with the pretty waitress from over the road that brighten his dull days.

Despite having plenty of love to give Keith is unlucky when it comes to relationships, with three failed marriages and a string of disastrous dates behind him. Being the closest eligible bachelor and old friends of Natalie Laura decides to try a little matchmaking and enlists the help of Bruce to implement her plan. But spending time together working on project ‘Save Valentino’s’ means they find themselves getting closer than they imagined. However, both broken and with plenty to potentially lose they have some brave choices to make, but will it be a happy ending?

The Perfect Moment is a romance book with depth and a fantastically strong debut novel that is akin to the writing of a much more seasoned author. Alix Kelso has created a cast of engaging and relatable characters who wear their flaws on their sleeves for all to see, a refreshing change to those annoyingly ‘perfect’ ones you often discover in romance books.

Based in the fictional suburb of Fairhill in Glasgow, Alix’s home city and a place I’m reasonably familiar with, I really enjoyed being able to easily imagine the backdrop of the story which was helped too by Alix’s highly descriptive descriptions. I loved this book so much, it’s a heart-warming tale with a real feel-good and uplifting vibe that kept me turning the pages eager to discover what would happen next. It’s message of hope, taking a chance on new beginnings and throwing caution to the wind is certainly something plenty of us can take on board in our own lives instead of waiting for that all important, mythical ‘Perfect Moment’.

The Perfect Moment is the first book in the Fairhill Series with at least two follow up books in the pipeline each focusing on a different character that we have already been introduced to. I adore reading series of this kind and can’t wait to read the second story which follows Keith’s story as I know there is so much more to him than we discover in the first book.

This book comes highly recommended by me and would make an ideal holiday read this Summer, or in fact anytime you need a read to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

About The Author

Alix Kelso is the author of the Fairhill Novel Series. She’s happiest with her nose in a book and may lash out dangerously if disturbed while reading! Having previously worked as a shop assistant, waitress, hospital cleaner and dish washer, she eventually became a university lecturer. Although she enjoyed the academic world of teaching, researching and helping her students, she always loved writing stories in her spare time and finally decided to pursue her dream of publishing a novel and becoming a full-time writer.

Alix lives in her home city of Glasgow with her husband and their rescue dog. She enjoys pottering in the kitchen, walking in Glasgow’s many lovely parks, and is a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of a long lunch with a big glass of wine.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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