Helping Your Child Transition From Prep To Senior School

AD | Starting secondary school means many new changes for your child. They will need to learn their way around a new school, meet new teachers and make new friends. They will also need to adjust to a new timetable and learn how to be more independent.

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All of these changes can make some children (and some parents) feel quite anxious. However, there are many ways in which you can prepare your child for the transition from prep to senior school and St Catherine’s School are here to help with the following tips…

Plan their route

To ensure that your child isn’t worrying about being late for school, on top of all the other emotions a first day can bring, it is important that you both get to know the new journey to school. This will help both parents and children to feel more comfortable with the new route, whether you will be dropping your child by car or they will be walking with friends.

Get to know the school

It is important to get to know your child’s new school as early as possible. Attend open days and events, or see if you can arrange a visit for your child to get to know their way around. It is also a good idea to visit the school website to view their prospectuses and read information about uniform or school calendars.

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Show your support

Your child is bound to have concerns about starting their new senior school. Show your support and let them know that it is normal to feel nervous and you will always be there to listen. Talk to them about some of the changes they can expect from senior school, such as having more classes, more homework and more exams.

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