Parenting: 3 Signs Your Child Is Attending A Good School

AD | Picking a school for your child is a big deal and many parents worry about whether or not they have made the right decision. While we all want the best for our kids, especially when it comes to their education, it’s not always clear as to whether or not they are actually at a good school. A Senior School in Leicestershire have put together the following list of signs which indicate your child is at a good school.

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Excellent Performance

One of the most obvious signs is that they’re receiving good results. However, this doesn’t necessarily just mean their academic results; it also means they’re performing well in terms of sports and other extra-curricular activities. They will also have a great social life and seem generally happy. Their cultural experience plays just as much a part as their academic output.

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Safety & Cleanliness

Consider whether or not your child’s school is safe and clean. Your child’s health and safety is paramount so if the grounds are not maintained and the classrooms are messy and unclean, it’s probably not the sort of school you’d want to send your child.

Good Communication

Another sign your child is at a good school is when there is consistent communication. Receiving regular letters, emails and other forms of communication is great because it means you are kept in the loop about your child’s education and any upcoming events at the school. 

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If you’re currently in the process of selecting a school for your child, be sure to have a look round and speak to the teachers so that you get a good feel for it. It’s also wise to check the website and have a look at the latest inspection reports.

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