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Helping Make STEM Learning Fun With Carlton Books

Children countrywide are heading back to school this week after 6 weeks of fun, with only the prospect of the colder, darker days and plenty of school work on the horizon. However, education needn’t be a chore and certainly not something that should be confined to the classroom as there are plenty of learning opportunities to take advantage of in everyday life. Even the most simple objects or scenarios can create a chance for your child to expand their mind and discover something new.

Throughout your child’s education from nursery right through to secondary school and beyond they will be taught with STEM subjects at the core of the curriculum. STEM subjects include Science, Maths, Technology and Engineering which all play a vital part in our everyday lives. Subtley including these core scientific subjects into our children’s education from such an early stage allows young minds to to develop the know how that makes up their surroundings and form a solid knowledge from which to progress into adult life.

As a parent these are definitely the subjects that are way outside my comfort zone in terms of helping and teaching my children having been much happier writing stories or reading during my school life. I am however keen to help my children learn and possibly even gain some knowledge myself along the way so I was thrilled to discover the My STEM Day range of books from Carlton Books. With a book dedicated to each of the subjects under the STEM umbrella they are packed with challenges and home experiments all designed to make learning fun.

Each bright, colourfully illustrated page offers kids a new challenge all laid out using easy to follow instructions and bite-size facts and statistics. Every challenge or experiment is perfectly pitched to it’s audience using real-life everyday experiences to educate on each topic.

Aimed at children 7+ (Junior School Age) they are a fun way to help extend you child’s learning at home and with the content endorsed by a leading STEM consultant you can rest assured that the information contained within each book will perfectly complement the curriculum.

So what did we think? Leo is almost 6 and pretty mature for his age so despite being aimed at a slightly older target market we found these perfectly pitched for him to understand. Each book is beautifully laid out using simple, easy-to-understand language and they are ideal for inquisitive minds. Despite being designed to teach and educate the activities were fun, interactive and hands-on which for a kinaesthetic learner like Leo is wonderful.

These books are fantastic and we have really enjoyed the activities we have completed so far. They are ideal for pulling out on a wet or boring weekend day when you are at loose end and will keep the kids entertained for ages, plus they will be learning whilst having fun which is a massive bonus.

Purchase Links: My STEM Day: Engineering* | Mathematics* | Technology* | Science*

*This post contains affiliate links
**We were gifted these books in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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