Popular Branded Items To Help Promote Your Business

AD | If you are looking for special branded items for your clients or for an industry event, you need to think beyond key-rings and pens! You need to offer something a little different that will give people a reason to remember you.

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To help you choose the right promotional merchandise for your business, here is a list of Shout’s most popular branded items…

Water bottles

A good tip for choosing your promotional gift is to think about how useful it will be. Something like a water bottle will come in handy every day, at the office or on a commute – which is another ideal advertising opportunity!

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Drawstrings bags are a great option because they are incredibly useful at the end of an event, when the recipient needs to carry all their leaflets and freebies home. These lightweight rucksacks can be customised with any message or logo and are available in a wide range of colours. Shout also offer a Kids Drawstring Bag, which comes with a set of special crayons for children to draw their own designs on the bag.



Branded chocolate gifts are an incredibly simple and widely appreciated branded item. They are an effective way to encourage visitors to your event stand and they make ideal ‘thank you’ gifts for clients. You can easily personalise chocolate wrappings with your corporate branding or you can add your logo directly onto the chocolate.

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Games & Puzzles

Branded puzzles and games can help to raise brand awareness in a creative and exciting way. Put your logo or campaign message on anything from a Rubik’s Cube to table tennis bats. Giveaway these games to clients at an event, or brand them for office gifts and encourage employees to have a bit of fun.

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