10 Essential Items Every Crafter Needs

AD | Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned crafter the these top 10 craft items are essential for your kit and it is worth making sure you have them as you are sure to need them to hand at some point or another! Prior to investing in any of the following, I highly recommend that you think about investing in a craft storage system to keep all your craft essentials organised and all in one place!

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  • Tape


Even if you’ve never done a craft in your life, a roll of tape is something you ought to have in your home! Crafters can use it to hold down a project while it is being worked on. Coloured Duck Tape is perfect to jazz up any craft project!


  • Glue gun


One of the best investments you will make and a fairly inexpensive investment! It can be used to: make crafts, fix broken drawers, and even hem up a skirt in a pinch. Remember to have lots of glue sticks on hand so you don’t run out in the middle of a project!


  • Craft ruler


A good craft ruler is a definite must-have. It can give you a perfect measurement and help you figure out how to get that perfect corner. 


  • Gridded cutting mat


Perfect for accurate measuring and cutting, a gridded cutting mat is a must, and also serves as a protective surface cover. 


  • Craft paper


Great for any craft project, including a last minute birthday card! Craft paper can include scrapbook paper, coloured card and coloured tissue paper. 

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  • Scissors


There are many different types of scissors. For basic crafting needs, one good pair of scissors is fine.


  • Pens, pencils and markers


A good set of markers should be in every crafter’s essentials kit. Permanent markers come in every colour of the rainbow. Pencils are great marking tools and pens are super useful for writing. 


  • Embellishments, string, floss and yarn


Most craft projects need an embellishment of some kind! So, always wise to have an assortment of embellishments on hand. For example, beads, buttons, glitter, ribbons, lace etc… Floss, string and yarn can be used to tie up craft projects, make bracelets, wrap packages or even to sew buttons.  


  • Paper plates and cups


They can be used to make fun crafts as well as being used as glue and paint holders and button and bead sorters!  

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  • Paints, paint brushes and sponges


You can buy a cheap set of brushes and sponge brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are always useful. You don’t necessarily need fancy paints, however it is good to always have some paint on hand for your craft projects. 

I hope the above provides you with the perfect shopping list for your top 10 craft essentials. Happy shopping!

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