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Kids Half Term Halloween Crafts

It's half term and the struggle is on to find ways to entertain the kids without spending a fortune; well what better way to keep them busy than getting crafty! With Halloween just around the corner providing the perfect inspiration I thought I'd share some simple fun ideas that don't require you to break the… Continue reading Kids Half Term Halloween Crafts

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Winter Fun With Weekend Box

Parent's will know that during the Winter months when the weather is undoubtedly abysmal, entertaining the kids during the weekend can be somewhat of a challenge. Unable and quite possibly unwilling to get outdoors it can be difficult to find something to keep them busy that doesn't involve staring at a screen for prolonged periods… Continue reading Winter Fun With Weekend Box

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Crafty Kids: Handmade Reindeer Christmas Cards

When time allows I love nothing more than getting crafty with the kids and today I’m sharing our simple handmade reindeer cards. I really enjoy creating homemade cards with Leo to give to friends and family for any occasion and these simple, yet effective festive cards are fabulous. Making them together is a superb way… Continue reading Crafty Kids: Handmade Reindeer Christmas Cards

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Review: Mud & Bloom- Kids Craft & Nature Subscription Box

Growing up I lived in a built-up area and our ‘garden’ consisted of a small block paved yard front and back, so as I child I didn’t really have the opportunity to learn much in the way of gardening skills. As I have got older I have tried my hand at some seemingly simple gardening… Continue reading Review: Mud & Bloom- Kids Craft & Nature Subscription Box

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Getting Creative With Messy Me

Creative, messy fun has always been something I have enjoyed doing with the kids, despite the mammoth task of clearing up when we are finished! With Leo starting school on the horizon I want to make sure we cram in as many of these messy filled afternoons as possible. Having already shared our playdough and… Continue reading Getting Creative With Messy Me

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Review: Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure Craft & Sensory Box

I have always really enjoyed getting crafty with the kids, there’s nothing better on a day when we are at a loose end than to get the creative juices flowing. Quite often though when the crafting mood takes hold I find that we are missing something we need and end up having to make a… Continue reading Review: Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure Craft & Sensory Box