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Helping Your Child Balance their School & Home Life

Parents often underestimate how stressed children can become because adulthood often feels worse in comparison. However, children have to juggle their roles as a child, student, sibling, friend etc. and it can become quite overwhelming for them at times. With that in mind, parents should help their children balance their busy schedule and help them figure out their priorities. Here are some tips from an independent school in London.

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It’s important for children to find a balance between school life and their relaxation time. Many kids spend hours on end studying at the expense of fresh air and exercise, which can be damaging in many ways. They become at risk of health problems, both physical and mental, which can lead to poor academic performance. Without adequate socialisation, young people can feel a reduced sense of support, which is necessary during times of stress. You can help your child balance school work and leisure time by encouraging them to prepare a study schedule in which they include regular breaks. They should add a little extra time for any of the subjects that they might be struggling with.

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Make sure that everyone in the family takes a break from what you’re all doing at meal times so that you can sit together and have some quality time. It’s important that your child feels they can talk to you about how they’re feeling, while also balancing the school life with their home life. What’s more, it’s wise to encourage them to go to bed at a reasonable time and eat a healthy balanced diet; they need to be fit and healthy in order to perform well at school. 

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Try not to put too much pressure on your child when it comes to their school work because unrealistic goals will result in anxiety and low self-esteem. Instead, you need to regularly remind your child that you are proud of them and how hard they are trying.

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One thought on “Helping Your Child Balance their School & Home Life

  1. My husband and I started seeing this in our second grader this year and after much deliberation, decided to remove him from public school and started our own home-school curriculum. It just wasn’t worth watching him lose his happiness and excitement about learning. ❤


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