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Locks In Goodness: Natural Hair Care for Kids

As an avid writer I love nothing more than a good play on words and new kids hair care brand Locks In Goodness  scores a solid 10/10 from me for their creative name! This recently launched company have created two specially formulated products that offer a truly natural and safe alternative to other hair care items  that are often laden with synthetic ingredients. Whilst other brands claim to use ‘natural’ ingredients these are often heavily processed which can lead to impurities that are not only harmful, but can cause irritation to the skin. However, Locks In Goodness’ vegan products only use ingredients that are 100% natural in origin that still closely resemble the original plant after the minimal processing required to produce their product.

Their products are preserved using only essential oils and are great to help prevent lice and nits which will be music to any parents of Primary school age children!

The folks at Locks In Goodness kindly sent me the two products currently available in their range to test and with three kids with completely different hair types I was keen to see the results.

Locks In Goodness Natural Hair Gel £10.95

My son was thrilled when I showed him this hair gel as he is just at that age where he is wanting to experiment with gel and have spiky hair like Daddy! Last time he had a hair cut the barber put some product on his hair and he actually wasn’t keen on it as he didn’t like the ‘crusty’ feel once it had dried. We didn’t experience this problem with this gel as it kept a more natural feel which still had the same level of hold.

The gel itself is quite thick in texture but doesn’t have that sticky, tacky feel that I personally associate with hair gel and I found that only a small amount went quite a long way despite my sons hair currently being a little longer than normal. The gel has an unusual but not unpleasant scent which I think is down to the host of essential oils they use for preservation. You can also smell the tea tree oil, one of my favourite scents, which is used to help keep those little unwanted visitors away!

Leo loved experimenting with some new hairstyles and as a parent I really like knowing that there are no nasties going onto his hair or skin, especially as the whole family have quite sensitive skin.

The hair gel is 95% organic and like all Locks In Goodness’ products is 100% vegan.

Locks In Goodness Natural Hair Smoothie £10.95

My teenage daughter has extremely long (think Rapunzel) hair which is also thick and prone to being on the frizzy side, so I immediately earmarked her to try the Hair Smoothie. Designed to help detangle and smooth wild hair this product is used as a leave in conditioner. Simply add to wet hair after your usual hair washing routine paying particular attention to the ends and any really knotty sections, before combing through.

The smoothie smells pretty similar to the gel with the overriding scent being the essential oils with a slight hint of the shea butter which helps to smooth the hair, It’s simple to use and effective, leaving hair soft, tangle free and in beautiful condition. Although marketed for children both products are ideal for everyone in the family and I can’t wait to give the smoothie a go to see if it can work wonders on my own unruly hair!

The smoothie is 90% organic and 100% vegan.

If you fancy trying these products for yourself you can claim a 10% DISCOUNT when quoting code LIG10 on the Locks In Goodness Website.

You can also purchase products from the Locks In Goodness range from Amazon: Hair Gel* | Hair Smoothie*


*This post contains affiliate links
**We were gifted these products in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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