Book Review: The Evolution of Melanie Winters By Holly Stockport

**We were gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own**

Last year I had the absolute pleasure of reading the The Ascension of Melanie Winters, the debut novel from fellow blogger Holly Stockport which I absolutely loved. I have been eagerly anticipating the next instalment in Melanie’s story and in December Holly’s follow-up book The Evolution of Melanie Winters was published. I was thrilled to receive an ARC copy to review – thanks Holly – and today I’m sharing my thoughts on the second book in this sci-fi, action series.

About The Book

Melanie had to finally come face to face with her own mortality and it was bleak.

Melanie Winters has gone from a bright university student to a high class fugitive within months. Now fully aware of the origins of her parents, she has to keep herself hidden in order to stay alive.

As she is pursued bu Solomon & his forces, Melanie has to fight an unimaginable battle with her rapidly expanding powers that prey on her mind and body.

With the threat of Horizon everywhere she goes, Melanie and her allies must find a way to stop their ruthless hunt and suppress her powers from destroying everything she’s worked so hard for – including her own life….


The Evolution of Melanie Winters picks up the story exactly where the previous book left off; in the thick of the action. With her new found powers threatening to overwhelm her Melanie knows she needs to learn how to control them and fast before she becomes a danger to both herself and her group of comrades.

Labelled as murderer’s, Melanie and her Mum are on the run with their close knit group and it’s imperative they keep themselves hidden as it’s not only the police looking for them, but Horizon and Solomon. Knowing they will stop at nothing to find and imprison her in the lab Melanie’s easy going University life seems a million miles away as she finds herself perpetually moving from safe house to safe house to evade capture. But are Melanie’s powers developing too quickly for her to control and will she survive the mutation of her ability?

I was delighted to be thrown straight back into the action filled life of Melanie and I found this to be a fast paced, page turner that I finished in a mere two sittings. It’s clearly evident the development in author Holly’s writing with this story written in a much  more confident style.

As is often the way with subsequent books in ongoing series’ whilst this book did have numerous moments of action it is clear that it’s focused on character development and transition building up to more explosive events – I can’t wait! I particularly enjoyed the developing romantic relationship between Melanie and Nathan which had me cheering them on throughout only to be left on the edge of my seat wondering that age old question ” will they, won’t they?”. The characters who travel with Melanie are all so realistically presented with a grit and determination that makes you want to cheer them on, hoping they overcome the adversity they face.

Holly has a real talent for creating realistic back drops for her story alongside the sci-fi elements using a wonderfully descriptive prose. The whole book flows perfectly and I found it to be a really quick, entertaining read. As I’ve already said this book picks up where the last left off so I would highly recommend reading The Ascension of Melanie Winters before picking up this latest release or you will struggle to follow the story. Once again this book has left me hanging and I can’t wait to find out what happens to the characters I have become emotionally attached to! I highly recommend this Indie author and I’m already anticipating the third in this five book series.


About The Author

Holly Stockport is a 25 year old author & blogger based in Wales, UK.

After a lifelong love affair with creating stories, Holly has began to pursue her passions with sharing her stories with the world through the self-publishing medium. Her stories revolve around various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, the supernatural & taboo topics.

Holly also runs a blog under the name The Little Landeg, alongside working in the E-Commerce industry full time. She currently resides in Wales with her boyfriend Morgan and their loveable (albeit very stupid) Jack Russell cross, Patch.

When she’s not sat at her computer wringing novels, she can be found drinking copious amounts of vanilla soya milk tea and changing her hair colour every five minutes.

Her debut novel, The Ascension of Melanie Winters, was released on the 19th February 2019 to positive reviews, being described as “a real page turner” & “a solid, intriguing debut novel”.

Author Links: Website | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

The Evolution of Melanie Winters is available to purchase now from Amazon*

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