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AD | Neveo: The Monthly Family Photo Journal Plus Promo Code – 2 Months FREE

AD | It goes without saying that things are far from normal at the moment right across the world. Many of us are stuck at home unable to work, trying our hardest to home school our kids and most of all missing the loved ones we are unable to visit. For us we are especially missing my in laws, the kids grandparents, as there isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t see them at least once, but often more.

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Whilst phone calls are a great way to keep in touch it’s not quite the same as being able to share with them what we have been up to. My in laws are one of the few people I know that still regularly print their photographs and they love to make special scrapbooks for our little man documenting the time they spend together which he lovingly stores along with his books and regularly flips through. During this unprecedented pandemic situation we thought it would be a wonderful idea to produce our own scrapbook to allow Granddad & Grandma stay up to date with the Fraser’s, however without access to photo printing this was going to prove tricky. The answer? The Neveo journalling app!

What Is Neveo?

Neveo is a specially designed app which allows you to create a monthly photo journal that is then delivered directly to your recipient/s. It’s user friendly app allows you to upload up to 50 photographs per month directly from your phone, computer or tablet giving you the option to add a description or tagline to each one. You are able to add multiple contributors to your journal via the app meaning your whole family can add memories from their own photo library.

The journal automatically cuts off at the end of each month and your memories are then arranged by Neveo into a beautifully presented colour magazine which is sent to your chosen recipient. The cost of the journal is £9.99 per month, per journal and can be cancelled at anytime via the app. You are able to add more than one recipient per month and can even have it sent directly to youself – a great way to get your pictures printed in one place which in turn makes them easy to store.

Whilst Neveo was created with Grandparents in mind these memory magazines can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world at no extra cost making them ideal to keep in touch with loved ones who live abroad.

Our Thoughts

The Neveo app is super simple to use and offers a hassle free way to print and share our most treasured moment with our loved ones. As we take the majority of our photos on our smart phones the Neveo app is perfect as with only a couple of clicks we can upload our favourites for inclusion in the months journal. I particularly like the option to add a tagline to let Granddad & Grandma know what’s going on as often with our crazy lot it’s not always obvious!

In terms of design you are unable to decide how the photos are arranged in the journal or which will appear on the front cover. This however isn’t really a negative for me as it not only takes all need for brain power away, but they also did a much better job at it than I ever would have! A couple of days after the month end cut off I was able to preview the full PDF journal and then received an email to say it was en route to my in laws.

Having the journal to consider we found ourselves taking more time to capture our memories, which has to be a good thing right! We loved adding them to the app and creating silly, fun captions which we knew would make Grandad and Grandma smile. I also really like the fact that our photos are being printed and shared instead of remaining unseen on our phones or a memory stick in the back of a drawer.

I initially thought the £9.99 price tag was a lot, but with hindsight when I actually get round to printing photos they are usually around 25p each, so for 50 photos it’s a bargain in itself. Plus of course when you consider the free worldwide postage and the unique magazine style presentation I think it’s actually a really good deal.

We really enjoyed our experience of Neveo and my in laws loved the special surprise that landed on their doormat to brighten their day during this uncertain time.

Why not check out the Neveo website or Instagram page for more information.

If you’d like to try Neveo for yourself you can use promo code SUPPORT to create TWO FREE MONTHLY JOURNALS to share your memories with your loved ones wherever in the world they may be!

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*We received a free trial of the Neveo app with no commitment to promote. All thoughts and opinions in this blog are our own.


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