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Review: Staying Home With The British Snack Co.

AD | It’s fair to say life in the last few months has morphed into something unrecognisable from the one we are all used to living. Having once been able to experience the true meaning of freedom; able to shop, eat out, go out for drinks down the pub and visit family & friends, our lives have become restricted to work and the same (boring) four walls of home. Unable to do all the things we love and enjoy outside the home our family have had to be creative and bring the fun to us! One of our favourite places to go as a family is the cinema where we are usually regulars and it became clear early during the total lockdown that we were all experiencing movie withdrawals!

With a few clicks though I had ordered some new DVD’s to be delivered to our doorstep – socially distanced delivery of course!- and we were almost set for our very own movie bonanza. But, one vital thing was missing……snacks! It’s not a trip to the cinema without snacks and to our delight the wonderful folks over at The British Snack Co. sent us a huge box of their products to road test! What better time to get our snack on and with the sheer quantity they gifted us it was certain to see us through our movie marathon!

Who are The British Snack Co.?

The British Snack Co. is a UK based company which was established back in 2013 with  the aim of creating the tastiest snacks money can buy. Now, seven years later with more than 5 million packs sold and a Great Taste Award under their belt the company’s snacks are available to purchase in both independent and large retailers worldwide. The company currently produce three products; popcorn, crisps and a range of ‘Awfully Posh’ pork crackling snacks in a range of flavours. We were kindly sent the full range of their popcorn and crisp flavours to try.

What did we think?

The British Snack Co. produce five different ‘no nonsense’ flavours of CRISPS ranging from the basic Sea Salt to the more adventurous Sweet Chilli and Sea Salt & Black Pepper. Hand cooked, their crisps are produced on farm here in the UK thoughtfully using renewable energy and only British potatoes. They are also all vegan and allergen free.

The first thing to say about these crisps is that I absolutely love the quirky British inspired packaging which is wonderfully unique and sure to stand out on the shelf alongside the run of the mill brands we are all used to. The packet design also gives the whole product a feel of quality and luxury – I almost didn’t let the kids try them as they seemed too posh! The crisps themselves were a really lovely thick cut that gave that wonderfully satisfying crunch you want when you bite into them.

The flavours of the crisps were really strong, in a good way, and we liked them all, with my personal favour definitely being the sweet chilli. Whilst not as ‘spicy’ as other crisps of this flavour I’ve tried I preferred these as I could really enjoy the taste without the mouth burn! The British Snack Co. have taken some of the best loved crisp flavours and put their own unique twist on them, with something for every palette and we thought they were all scrumptious!

Like the crisps The British Popcorn Co. produce all of their hand-popped POPCORN snacks here in the UK and they are all Vegan and allergen free. Now if the crisp packaging was unique then their popcorn packets blow them clean out of the water. All brightly coloured, each packet is inspired by Britain’s great animals and they are as quirky as they come. They are super fun, quintessentially British and with their eye catching designs would certainly stand out to me as a buyer.

I have to admit that we are a family that usually stick with sweet popcorn so were a little cautious about trying the more ‘out there’ flavours, especially the Caramel & Espresso as only Mr F likes coffee flavoured things. But, oh my goodness it is absolutely divine! It smelt quite strongly of coffee when we opened the pack but the flavours are subtle and work so well together that it quickly became my personal favourite! Once again the flavours were all a hit and were scoffed pretty quickly – luckily for me each portion contains less than 100 calories so I felt a little less guilty about us eating so much!

We enjoyed taste testing these products from The British Snack Co. and loved them all, so a massive two thumbs up from the Fraser’s! It’s great to discover a company that has it’s roots firmly in Britain both with the ingredients used and the homage paid on their packaging and we will certainly be seeking this brand out in the future to fulfil our snacking needs!

Whilst The British Snack Co. products are available in stores worldwide, fear not they are also available to purchase online for safe delivery to your home during this time so if you are looking for something yummy to nibble on be sure to check out the links below:

Purchase Links: British Snack Co. Website | Amazon (CRISPS) | Amazon (POPCORN)

*Products featured in this blog were gifted to us in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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