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Award-Winning Wines To Enjoy This Summer From Independent Wine

AD | Years ago my husband would have turned his nose up if I suggested sharing a bottle of wine, but over the years he has taken my love of fine wine on board and together we regularly enjoy taste-testing different brands. Now Summer is finally here and when the sun is shining there’s nothing we love more than spending time in the garden enjoying the light evenings whilst sampling a glass (or two) of wine! Imagine then if you will, our delight at receiving a PR box with some wine inside to try, especially as we are currently limited in terms of socialising options because of the Covid-19 restrictions. A massive thanks to Independent Wine for gifting us some bottles to try.

Who Are Independent Wine?

Independent Wine are a boutique specialist wine retailer who pride themselves on offering a hand picked selection of UK- exclusive, award winning Italian wines to their customers. By working closely with wine producers they are not only able to cut out the middle man, but also able to personally ensure the premium quality of their products by visiting and inspecting each and every winery and vineyard. They hand pick non-commercial products that have achieved reputable awards and high rankings from top experts and are  therefore able offer something truly unique to fine wine lovers.

Independent Wine

Many of the vineyards used to produce the wines offered by Independent Wine are operated by fourth or fifth generation winemakers with decades of experience guaranteed to deliver outstanding quality. It’s also amazing to learn that as a company Independent Wine are dedicated to paying the wine producers they work with a fair price for their products; something I highly value as a consumer.

The Taste Test

Lo Sparviere Brut Cuvée no 7 | Sparkling Wine

This multi award-winning sparkling wine is produced using the méthode classique, which is similar to the way champagne is produced. Originating from a vineyard in  Provaglio d’Iseo,  Lombardy the grapes are hand-harvested and carefully selected before undergoing a seven month maturing process ahead of being bottled. It is then allowed to develop twice as long as non-vintage champagne by being bottled sur lie for a further 30 months to allow the wine to develop it’s complex mix of aromas and textures.

Awards: Mundus Vini, 2017 Spring Tasting: Silver Medal | I Vini di Veronelli Guide, 2017: 2 Stars | Mundus Vini, 2019 Spring Tasting: Silver Medal | Glass of Bubbly 2018: Gold Medal, Summer Days

Our Thoughts

We love a bottle ‘fizz’ and regularly treat ourselves to a good quality bottle of Prosecco so we couldn’t wait to give this 2019 vintage sparkling wine a try. From the first sip the quality of this wine was evident – a definite step up from even our best Prosecco. We absolutely loved the clear, crisp dry taste it offered. It’s deliciously light and fizzy meaning it went down a treat and we found the bottom of the bottle quite quickly!

It’s the perfect accompaniment to a summery salad or pasta meal enjoyed in the garden and ideal to quench your thirst when the sun is out! I’d also highly recommend this as a great celebration wine, ideal for parties to add some extra class with an amazing quality bottle of bubbles. We both really loved this wine and would definitely drink it again in the future, I think it’s one of our new favourites.

Notti Di Luna Piena Piave DOC Red Wine

This 2011 red wine is produced by Ca’ Di Rajo won Bronze in last years Decanter World Wine Awards. It’s a full-bodied luxurious red which like many of Independent Wine’s catalogue has excellent ageing potential. It’s name Notti di Luna Piena translates as Full Moon Nights and its filled with rich aromas of black cherry and wild blackberry with intense notes of cinnamon, vanilla, leather and pepper.

Our Thoughts

We usually drink more red wine  in the Winter, however with the dawn of the Summer comes barbecue season and who can resist a glass of red with a fresh char-grilled steak? This wine has a really thick, rich fruity smell which is equally matched by it’s gorgeous full bodied smooth taste. It’s a deliciously warming drink that’s full of flavour without being too overpowering.

The quality is outstanding with a long lasting taste that kept us coming back for a refill unlike some other ‘quality’ reds we have tasted in the past that have left an unappetising vinegary aftertaste. Again we really enjoyed this wine and would love to have it again; next time we will definitely be trying it with a yummy slab of dark chocolate as recommended by the Independent Wine website!

If you enjoy drinking and discovering new wines I highly recommend checking out the vast catalogue of hand-picked wines available from Independent Wine and if you need some guidance on what to buy their blog is extremely insightful.

*We were gifted the products featured in this blog, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.




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