AD | Stay At Home Car Maintenance Checks

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AD | We all have been waiting for the time when the lock down will be over and when will we be able to continue with our normal routines. Well, it will be almost here just a few weeks more (hopefully) Pandemic has changed everything and staying safe is absolutely essential.

It is always better to be proactive and prepare for the day when things resume their normal state. If you live in Yorkshire, you should perform some at-home checks in order to reverse the depreciation of your standing car.

It is important to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy for the time when you take it back on the road. Few simple checks will help you to make sure that your car performs its best – even after being non operational for so many months.

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Check your car battery

If you think you have kept your vehicle locked up in a garage for a longer period. You need to immediately start it and check the battery if it’s running properly. It is true that a vehicle not used for a longer time period can cause the car battery to flatten. If this is the case with your battery , you need to keep your engine in running at least twice a week for 15 minutes so that proper electric current is transferred to the battery.

Check your Tyres

You need to see if a lot of road friction has caused the tyre rubber to deteriorate. For this you need to check tyre’s tread depth for cuts and bulges, that is the rubber of the tyre directly contacted with the road surface. The depth should be 1.6mm according to UK vehicle laws.  In case you observe it has worn out and your tyres need replacement you can check garages near Ossett. Another good advice is to use up some savings and invest in new tyres for a fresh start. If you are in search of a trustworthy garage, you can also buy tyres at Ossett Tyre House website & avail branch fitting or mobile fitting on friendly prices.

black and silver car wheel
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Check the Engine Drive Belt

As you know, the engine of your vehicle is the major source that helps in functioning the whole vehicle. The components attached to it should also be checked like an engine drive belt. The sign of a deteriorating engine can be observed when the engine starts to make a squeaky noise. That is the major hint you should keep in mind which shows the engine is in danger. You can easily get it checked by a nearby technician.

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