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Review: Mysteries In Time Kids History Subscription

**We were gifted the items featured in this post, however all thoughts and options are our own**

To say our little man is inquisitive would be an understatement. He is an information sponge and at that age where his thirst for knowledge constantly needs to be quenched. I love that he enjoys learning and discovering new things and it’s something I’m always keen to encourage and expand upon. History is a particular favourite at the moment and we have purchased a number of books to help sate his appetite and he loves nothing more than quoting random facts and figures he has discovered when he finds himself with a new captive audience!

With his love of History ever strong, we were thrilled when Mysteries In Time reached out and asked if we’d like to try one of their kids subscription boxes. This monthly subscription box is aimed at children aged 7-11 years and offers a box of specially curated goodies from different time periods in history delivered directly to your door.

There are two levels of subscription and we were extremely lucky to be sent the bumper box. The first time period of the subscription is always Ancient Egypt and our box included:

  • Ancient Egypt History & Facts magazine
  • Max and Katie’s Egyptian Adventure paperback story book
  • Ancient Egypt bookmark featuring Max and Katie
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs postcard
  • Egyptian sticker sheet
  • Large world map and timeline poster
  • Egyptian themed pen**
  • Craft materials to make your own Egyptian amulet**

**Classic subscription boxes contain items above excluding themed gift and craft activity**

The items arrived in a sturdy ‘time machine’ box which emulates the one Max and Katie are sent in the story book we received which was a really great well thought out touch and a fantastic way to incorporate the packaging.

The first thing that stood out for the little man was the HUGE world map, as not only does he love history but he loves nothing more than finding places on his globe or in the atlas. Printed on thick and durable paper this colourful map is ideal to pin up on the wall and is certain to stand the test of time. Along the bottom there is a time line from 3000BC to 2000AD and on the sticker sheet there is a special Ancient Egypt designed to be added to the timeline. Each month’s subscription box has a new sticker to add, over time building up a fuller overview of important eras in history.

Next up was the magazine, 20 full-colour pages filled with facts and information ranging from climate to pyramids and everything inbetween. Each section is short, snappy and perfectly pitched at the target age group – it’s abundantly clear that a primary school educator is behind it’s creation. The magazine also has three full sized colouring pages as well as a quiz, word search and maze to complete. Our Egyptian Mummy pen was ideal for completing all the fun puzzles and is really great quality, chunky and heavyweight to the point where the little man even asked if it was real gold!

Alongside the factual magazine we were delighted to discover a full-length fictional book included in the box all about Max and Katie’s adventure in Ancient Egypt. As a family of avid readers this inclusion was a really welcome and unique addition and something I’ve never seen in other subscription boxes we’ve tried before. It’s a relatively short read at only 50 pages long but ideally targeted to children who are starting to read independently and beyond. It’s a great little story that incorporates some fun and interesting parts of Egyptian history into a fun and enjoyable format perfect for kids. Each of the monthly boxes contains a new themed fiction book and over time will build a fabulous history library.

Also included is a craft activity which I believe can vary depending on the box you receive. Ours contained coloured air drying clay to make our own amulet – a kind of lucky charm that people in Ancient Egypt wore of carried. It also included a range of stick on gems to decorate. It was great fun trying to decide what to make and after around 24 hours the clay was set enough for our creation to be kept and displayed on little mans shelf.

So, what are my thoughts on this box? I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the quality of everything included and with prices starting at only £7.95 plus P&P I think it’s fantastic value – especially when you consider the book is worth £4.99 on it’s own. The content is informative, well presented and perfectly pitched for kids. I love that the magazines and books can be utilised and referred back to time and again, possibly even used as aids for school work or projects. As a parent I’d highly recommend this subscription box and little man loved it too so it gets two thumbs up from the Fraser’s.

To find our more or subscribe visit the Mysteries In Time Website. Boxes can also be purchased as a one-gift, plus if you sign up to the Mysteries In Time newsletter you will receive 50% off your first box.




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