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AD |Adventure Fearlessly With Safe and Sound Health

**This post is sponsored by Safe and Sound Health**

We are extremely lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and you don’t just have to take my word for it as The Lake District is one of a privileged number of places to make it onto the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We have a wealth of stunning outdoor space on our doorstep to explore and as a family we love nothing more than packing a bag and heading off on an adventure; every day always offers a brand new experience!


However, whilst adventures into the unknown are always fun, with kids it is essential to ensure you are prepared for every eventuality. One of my earliest memories is of my Mum and Nan shouting at me to ‘walk not run’ or to ‘be careful not to climb too high’ for fear of me hurting myself, but as a parent I have learnt that you can’t wrap kids in cotton wool. Their inquisitive nature means that of course they are going to run, climb and explore, especially when confronted with new exciting places filled with nooks and crannys to squeeze themselves into. And as a parent I have definitely always encouraged them to be curious and make the most of every opportunity to ‘be kids’.

Of course though it’s inevitable that whilst out and about that accidents can happen and if I had to count the number of bumps, scrapes and grazes I’ve tended to over the last eighteen years I’d need quite a few more fingers!  With this in mind I always ensure we are prepared  when we head off on our family adventures by packing a handy sized first aid kit just in case such an occasion should arise.

The key to little accidents is to be prepared and I’ve put together my essential family first aid kit items to help parents to relax and let their kids adventure fearlessly with the knowledge that they have everything covered.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel

Now more than ever with the ongoing global pandemic it is vital to regularly keep your hands clean and safe and it’s of course essential before tending to any wound. I always have an alcohol based hand gel in my handbag or backpack everywhere I go as it’s a quick easy way to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Whilst adventuring outdoors the chances of finding somewhere to wash your hands is slim and antibacterial hand sanitiser is the perfect substitute. Safe and Sound Health also offer a great alternative with their aloe vera cleansing hand foam which works in the same way as hand gel and has identical antibacterial properties.


 These are a small, yet essential part of our first aid kit. Kids aren’t fussy about where they fall over and typically it’s somewhere covered in gravel! Tweezers are ideal for quick, easy removal of any nasty debris stuck in cuts and grazes before moving on to the cleaning stage. They are also great for splinters or bee/wasp stings.

Antiseptic Cleaning Spray & Cotton Pads

Once any cut and grazes are clear of debris, an antiseptic cleaning spray is perfect to clean the wound before covering. Not only cleansing this Antiseptic spray  also helps soothe the injured skin without irritation. It can be used multiple times until you’re satisfied the area is clean, wiping away gently using a clean,dry cotton pad each time. This  spray great for when you are  out and about without access to a sink or other amenities.


And of course no first aid kit would be complete without plasters! If kids – or adults – hurt themselves a plaster is a must have to cover the wound to allow the adventuring to continue. For kids especially it’s the final stage in soothing their ‘boo-boo’ and what better way to turn their frown upside down than with a fun colourful character plaster. We really love these kid-friendly hypoallergenic plasters which not only help little accidents be forgotten in an instant, but also offer a protective barrier for the skin as their exploring resumes. Being waterproof they are perfect for every eventuality, especially if your little one’s next adventure is to Captain a ship and sail the seven seas! I have to admit I rather like a colourful plaster myself so they definitely aren’t reserved for the kids!

Essential family first aid kits don’t have to be huge and awkward to carry around, nor do they need to be expensive. These six items are widely available to purchase and are small enough to pop in your bag. Taking along a first aid kit will enable you to relax, secure in the knowledge that you are equipped to deal with any (inevitable!) bumps and scrapes whilst away from home. It’ll help your kids adventure fearlessly, exploring the great outdoors wherever you live; the world’s out there, ready and waiting for them to discover!


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