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Book Review: Hannah The Spanner And The Racing Car By Stuart Simmonds

**We were gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own**

As a family of avid book readers we are always excited to be sent new books to read and enjoy together and recently the latest in the Hannah The Spanner book series landed on our doormat. Written by ex-pro cricketer Stuart Simmonds it’s part of an ongoing series based on the stories he created for his daughter when she was younger. The latest book in the series is all about a racing car adventure and we are sharing our thoughts in today’s book review. Many thanks to Head Publishing for gifting us a copy to enjoy.

About The Book

Hannah goes to a party on a farm…. and ends up zooming round the Track of Doom.

This is not the sort of thing that normally happens on a Saturday!


Hannah is off to a birthday party, but not just any party……her classmates Dad is famous racing driver Dick Barclay-Hunt! Norris Barclay-Hunt lives on a farm like no other, complete with it’s very own racing track nicknamed the Track of Doom where Dick’s friends, The Doom Crew, spend their time ruthlessly racing against each other. Despite being more of a football fan Norris’ Dad surprises him with his every own racing car and track for his birthday and along with the other party guests Hannah gets to race too, but things don’t go quite to plan when one of the guests decide to go AWOL….

Hannah The Spanner and the Racing Car is a fun, action packed story that will have you and your child laughing along with all the antics and mishaps! I especially liked Norris’ Mum who “decided to crack open a bottle of wine a little earlier than usual” – so relateable! The story is beautifully illustrated by Bill Greenhead with full page images that really capture the fun and colourful characters Stuart has created. 

Hannah’s racing car adventure is certainly one that every child can relate to and would dream of being part of. It’s pure unadulterated fun from start to finish and we absolutely adored it – it’s especially sweet when you think about the origin of the story comes from a ‘made up’ family bedtime tale! It’s the first of this series we have read and we will certainly be checking out the back catalogue which include trips to the circus and the moon amongst other adventures.

About The Author

Stuart Simmonds is an ex-cricketer and author of the critically welcomed Watching with my Heroes , The book has sold well with an updated version now set for a wider release. Based in Sussex, he is also father to Hannah and Lucy the stars of the series. The stories were originally created for his daughter Hannah. After fulfilling a promise to turn her beloved bedtime tales into books, Hannah the Spanner proved so popular with real-life Hannah s friends that the books became a reality.

Hannah The Spanner and the Racing Car is available to purchase now from Amazon*

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