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Non Fiction Book Recommendations For Inquisitive Kids

Items marked with** were gifted by Little Tiger Publishing, however all thoughts and opinions are our own

From an early age all three of our children have had a real thirst for knowledge, asking questions about the world around them with no amount of information sating them for very long. That love of learning has only increased as they have grown and as such I have enlisted the help of books to help, as lets be honest there’s only so much us parents know (at least without Google!).

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There are so many wonderful non fiction books on the market designed to help enrich your child’s learning, on every topic or subject you could imagine. Over the years we have amassed quite a range; many on specific areas that were of interest at the time – our eldest went through a stage of being obsessed with sharks and shark facts, so we have a few books dedicated to that! With so many available on the market it can be daunting when it comes to deciding which ones to choose for your own bookshelves so I thought I would share our top 5 non fiction books in today’s post. One things for sure they are all perfect for inquisitive kids and if I’m honest I’ve learnt plenty along the way too!

The Humans By Jonny Marx & Charlie Davis**

To start with it has to be said that this book is truly stunning. It’s a large hardback filled with full colour illustrations on each and every page that really helps engage kids visually. The book itself is a showcase of the amazing things humans have achieved over the centuries and millennia since the first civilisations were formed.

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It starts with the origins of humankind before taking you through each continent in turn with pages dedicated to each civilisation and era. The pages are all beautifully designed to include images and bite size information and facts that are perfectly pitched for kids. It highlights iconic figures throughout history, inventions, medical and technological developments and much more. It’s a fascinating book unlike other history books we have on our shelf as it focuses solely on humans and what they contributed to different era’s of our history.

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This book is going to be invaluable as our youngest moves through the school years as it’s a great reference resource that can be delved into time and again. In the meantime though he really enjoys reading and sharing the information he has learnt about our ancestors.

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Look Inside Your Body By Louie Stowell & Kate Leake

This wonderful board book is probably one of the most utilised on our non fiction shelf. As the title suggests it takes you through the different functions and parts of the human body, but with the added fun of flaps to lift- the one where the poo is leaving the colon is especially popular! It covers everything from bones and muscles to the digestive system and the brain with short, easy to understand snippets of information alongside pictures that help depict what is written.

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It’s a fairly simple book in terms of how it discusses the body’s functions so is probably more suited for a younger audience. Despite this it’s a wonderful introduction to the body with lots of facts kids can impress grandparents with – for instance did you know the biggest muscle in your body is the gluteus maximus……your bottom?

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This is a fabulously designed book, with colourful illustrations that I’d highly recommend!

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DK Knowledge Encyclopedia History

This encyclopedic book takes you all the way from the ancient world right through to the modern day and the Middle East conflict. It’s probably more suitable for older primary children, but our son who is only 7 absolutely loves to flick to random pages and learn something new. It gives more in depth detail on each area of history and is broken down into different time periods to make it easy to find the information you need.

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It’s a great resource to use for homework or when a particular question crops up, with double page spreads on each section filled with information, pictures, diagrams and photos. Our little man had lots of questions about the world wars and we found this book was  fantastic as we could pull information quickly and easily to answer his queries as well as being able to show him photos of the time.

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This is a book that is perfect for kids with a keen interest in history and one that will last for years due to it’s diverse content. It’s perfect for homework – our teenagers have been know to use it to help them too – and a great all round history, perfectly bound into one book.

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National Geographic Kids 5,000 Awesome Facts about Everything

This is a recent addition to our book shelf, but one I know will be one of our favourites for years to come – and I’m not just talking about the kids! Each and every one of it’s 214 colourful pages is filled with facts. The facts are divided into categories with pages dedicated to facts about bears, woman in history and my personal favourite CHOCOLATE! Each fact is short, concise and easy to remember allowing kids to wow their friends and family with their diverse knowledge.

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In the few weeks since my son has had this book it has been on and off the shelf like a yo-yo, with us all learning interesting, amazing and often wacky facts along the way. As the title says it literally has facts about everything you could think of that will keep questioning little minds busy for hours on end!

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We have quite a few National Geographic books and they never disappoint and this one is no different. It’s a fabulously fun book, ideal to sit alongside adult coffee table books to share and wow your friends with.

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The Egyptians Hide & Seek History By Jonny Marx & Chaaya Prabhat**

As I said in my introduction we do have some specific books about different topics and Egypt and Egyptians is one that has been of particular interest over the years, therefore we have quite a few books. However recently Little Tiger Publishing sent us this brand new release and it’s completely different in format to any of the other Egyptian based books we own.

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Each page on this large sized board book is full colour and filled with stunning illustrations. The first page discusses the Egyptian civilisation and about how archaeologists discover more about them through their work, before the book moves on delving into different aspects of the Egyptians and their lives. It has over 80 flaps which give the book an added edge of fun as lets face it which kids don’t like lifting the flap to discover whats underneath! The information and history that is given is bite size and well explained to allow kids to read and understand easily. It’s full of interesting facts along the way, all brought to life by the beautiful artwork.

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This book is more than a great resource and aid for learning, it’s illustrations make it a work of art! We really enjoyed reading and sharing this book together and it’s a fantastic addition to our shelves.

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I hope these recommendations give you a little inspiration for books to help satisfy your little ones inquisitive minds! Feel free to let me know your favourite kids non fiction picks in the comments below….we are always looking for new titles!

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