Book Review: Siri, Who Am I ? By Sam Tschida

**We were gifted an copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own**

There are so many fantastic releases scheduled for 2021 and the book I’m reviewing today is one that immediately caught my eye when I heard about it. The synopsis for this brand new release, Siri, Who Am I?, sounded so intriguing as did the knowledge that the book has been optioned to a major Hollywood television studio -& having read the book myself it’s easy to make the jump to television or the big screen with this story. Thank you to Quirk Books for sending me a review copy of this title.

About The Book

When Mia wakes up in a Long Beach hospital with a head wound, she knows everything there is to know about the Kardashian-Jenner family but almost nothing about herself. The only items in her possession are her torn party dress which immediately begs the question, what kind of girl parties on a Tuesday night? a tube of Chanel lipstick, and an iPhone with a shattered screen.

She might not remember where she lives but she can use her Instagram account to work backward to piece together the basic facts of her identity. Easy enough, right? Instagram tells her that she lives in a Millennial-pink duplex that would make Kylie Jenner jealous. But when she arrives, she discovers a cute housesitter named Max who tells her the house actually belongs to JP, a French billionaire and he has no idea how she s connected to him.

After some sleuthing, she discovers she s the owner of a high-end matchmaking service. Could JP be one of her investors? As Mia works backward through her Instagram to figure out who she really is and find anyone who knows anything about her she discovers an ugly truth buried within her perfect social media image. Is it too late to undo her lies online and become an IRL good person?

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Mia wakes up in a hospital bed with no idea who she is or how she got there. With very little in her sparkly clutch to go on she decides to use her mobile phone to figure out who she is – the problem is that all her emails and text have been diligently deleted by the old Mia! Thankfully social media comes to the rescue (we all knew it was gonna come in handy for something!), and she discovers her Instagram is filled with ‘perfect’ pictures complete with  locations tags so surely all she needs to do is retrace her steps to find out what happened, right?

Convinced she lives the high life, thanks to the Prada dress she was taken to hospital in, Mia eventually finds her way to the stunning pink house of her dreams which appears to belong to her billionaire boyfriend who conveniently left town the same day as her accident. Unsure who to trust Mia needs to piece the clues together to not only discover who she is and the life she led before, but also whether her ‘accident’ was deliberate…….

Set over the course of less than a week Siri, Who Am I? is a fun, fast paced contemporary /mystery /romance that will consume your life from start to finish. I really enjoyed this clever twist on chick lit that offers a fantastic social commentary on the images of our personal & business life’s we all project online in the 21st century. I loved reading along as Mia discovered the fragments of her ‘old’ life as she began stepping away and building a new life according to how she perceives she should be living. She is an interesting multi-faceted character and I’ll be honest I literally had no clue what she would discover as she delved into her life, it was certainly varied!

There is a lot of story crammed into a mere few days in Mia’s life and some of the action is quite far removed from what would actually happen in real life, but for me this wasn’t a negative. I love a story that allows me to suspend belief to some degree; isn’t that what reading is all about? Although the romance is what would probably be described as ‘insta love’ in terms of the times scale with which it flourished, I actually felt like we got to know a fair amount about each character as they got to know each other, despite a few fibs along the way!

This book includes a variety of footnotes which added so much humour along the way as these were utilised as an ‘aside’ for Mia’s inner thoughts and feelings. I don’t think I’ve read a novel with footnotes before and it certainly added something extra to my enjoyment and experience, often making me laugh out loud!

Tschida has a wonderfully easy to read writing style that ensured this book became a compulsive read, leaving me unable to put it down and always second guessing where the story would go. I adored Mia’s journey of self discovery and the overriding message that social media isn’t always quite what it seems- a lesson we could all do with hearing every so often. 

Siri, Who Am I? was a fantastic read and I can’t wait to see what Tschida releases next as I definitely want to read more from this author and soon!

About The Author

Sam Tschida (pronounced “cheetah”) is from the wilds of Minnesota, where she lives with a motley crew of kids, dogs and one handsome man. She is the co-founder of ManuFixed, an editorial consulting company and a writing workshop that services the Twin Cities. In her spare time she spends twenty minutes a day with her favourite YouTube exercise guru and watches Netflix.

Siri, Who Am I? is available to purchase now from Amazon*

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