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Circular & Co Review: Stylish Sustainable Reusable Cups

**This post contains gifted items. All thoughts and opinions are our own**

When I read the statistic that 600 billion single use cups are thrown away every single year it hurt my brain! At a time when natural resources worldwide are running low and we should be trying to get the most from what we have by extending the life of our resources, it’s heart-breaking to read that something as simple as your everyday cuppa is contributing negatively in such a big way. There are so many simple ways we can do our bit to cut the number of single use cups heading to landfill with the most obvious one making the swap to a reusable cup for our on the go brew. However Circular & Co have created a reusable cup with a difference that not only helps reduce your own personal usage, but also recycles used single use cups, making for an altogether more sustainable approach to drinks on the move.

Circular & Co have created the worlds first cup made from reused cups which have been cleaned, shredded and mixed with 50% recycled plastic polymer cup lids. Made in Cornwall, UK, these multi-award winning cups have a an approx. usage life of 10yrs before you they can then be returned to Circular & Co to be recycled and made into brand new cups! This ‘circular’ journey means that they are fully sustainable and can be used time and again therefore extending their value and use long beyond the original a single use cup.

In only 2yrs the company have recycled 5.4 million cups to create their reusable travel cups with each one containing six reused single use cups. Circular & Co believe their product offers a long term solution and that their design can help change the world with their mission ultimately being to put an end to waste and pollution. Each circular cup only needs to be used six times to offset the carbon footprint created to manufacture it; it’s simply a non brainer when you realise how easy it is to make such a significant difference.

The cups come in a range of bright, stylish designs and are available in 8 or 12oz sizes and the best news for me is that they are 100% leakproof – perfect if you have a habit of knocking things over like me! They are BPA and melamine free making them safe for both you and the environment, plus are fully insulated meaning your drink, hot or cold, will hold it’s temperature for up to 90 minutes.

One of the best parts of the cup for me though has to be it’s unique spring loaded push and click lid that allows you drink your brew 360 degrees like a normal cup. I have a number of reusable cups which all have stoppers, sliders etc you need to open before drinking, but with the circular cup it’s much easier to open and drink; especially as it can be done easily using one hand which is perfect for anyone on the go!

The cups are study, durable and obviously made for longevity having been designed to last 10yrs. Prices start from only £11.95, which is an absolute steal in my opinion, however you can purchase bundles of 2 or 4 cups ideal for couples or families which offer a discounted price.

I’ve really enjoyed trying out the circular cups I was kindly sent by Circular & Co. Not only are the cups excellent quality and fantastic value for money, but the ethos and the change they are implanting to help our environment long term make them exactly the type of company I want to support and promote.

Fancy trying the circular cup for yourself than be sure to head over to their website

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