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Review: Premium Healthy Snacking With Love Corn

AD ** Items featured in this posted were gifted, however all thoughts and opinions are our own**

We all love to snack now and again, however I’ll happily admit during the most recent lockdown I have been opening the treat cupboard a little more than normal and I’m sure I’m not the only one! For me personally the boredom of being at home without plans to keep me busy always means I have a tendency to eat more and I hold my hands up and admit that those snacks aren’t always of the healthy variety. Having once had a sweet tooth, in the last couple of years I have started to favour savoury things; namely crisps and with their high fat content they have certainly become one of the downfall’s to my constant battle with eating healthier. 

When I’m grocery shopping I’m always checking out and buying new ‘healthy’ snacks to try, however I’m often left disappointed with either the lack of taste and flavour or I discover that they aren’t as healthy as their branding would suggest, Therefore, I’m always on the hunt for tasty alternatives that really fill the void that my fat laden snacks leave. Recently Love Corn contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in trying out some of their savoury snack packs and without really knowing too much about them I readily accepted as I’ll happily taste test anything! However, when they arrived I realised that they also filled the criteria as a healthy snack alternative making it a double win for me!

Love Corn’s premium kernel snacks are all made using only a handful of simple delicious ingredients allowing them to be sugar free and low calorie without compromising on taste. They are fully plant based, gluten free, vegan. kosher and non GMO making them suitable for a much wider range of snackers than your average brand. Snacks are available in two sizes; a larger 45g pack for sharing plus a grab and go size of 20g, perfect for on the go or in lunchboxes. Available in four savoury choices; Sea Salt, Smoked BBQ, Sat & Vinegar & Habanero Chilli, we were lucky enough to be gifted a huge box with every flavour so we were able to sample them all.

As a family who like to snack it was difficult to hold the family back when they saw the box of goodies arrive, however I managed to hold them off until we sat down for an evening in front of the TV to taste test them alongside a few Saturday evening drinks. We opened the larger packs which lent themselves to sharing perfectly & I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of flavour they offered. Unlike other similar snacks we’ve tried each of the flavours offered a distinct flavoursome taste which accompanied each satisfying crunch. As soon as we started tasting them and realised how fab they are my hubby texted our good friend who owns a vegan shop to suggest stocking them, however he already does and couldn’t sing their praises anymore either.

The flavours range from the more subtle Sea Salt up to the mouth tingling chilli of which I could personally only handle a few at a time although hubby loved them! My favourite is the Salt & Vinegar which are deliciously zingy and I found very hard to put down or share with the family! As a massive crisp muncher I was equally as satisfied with these corn snacks especially when considering the much lower calorie intake. I also found I needed I didn’t eat anywhere near as many to get the same level of satisfaction as I get from my usual snacks.

As well as snacking these kernel snacks can also be added to salads, soups and cheese boards as well as dishes like stir-fry’s. I have yet to give this a go, but with plenty of packs left from the very generous box we were gifted I will definitely be trying this out, especially with the chilli as I think it may well tone the heat down a little for me!

Not only have we found our self a new favourite healthy snack alternative, but I was thrilled to find out that Love Corn are also committed to helping and supporting communities though their work and have committed to donate 1 million snacks and build 50 school learning gardens in the next three years. I absolutely love supporting and will always strive to promote companies that give something back and Love Corn have been added to my ever growing list of brands that are doing just that.

Love Corn’s crunchy snacks are available to buy online in single or mixed flavour boxes of 10 x 45g or 24 x 20g packs and are delivered FREE in the UK. If you fancy trying these delicious crunchy snack for yourself click here and use code CRUNCH20 at the checkout for a huge 20% OFF your order ( a real bargain as they are already reasonably priced in my opinion). 

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