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Healthy Lunchbox Snacks With Chewymoon

Its nearly September and that can only mean one thing, BACK TO SCHOOL! Uniforms are bought and labelled, bags have been filled with new stationery and shoes are polished, but aren’t you forgetting something? Packed lunch boxes of course! Parents of children who take a lunch to school will understand the struggle to continually find… Continue reading Healthy Lunchbox Snacks With Chewymoon

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How To Prepare Your Child For School

Starting school can be a nerve-wracking time for children and parents alike and I have spoken before about how I am feeling about our little man starting this September. However, I have managed to put my own feelings aside, instead focusing on helping prepare him for his next step. There are a multitude of things… Continue reading How To Prepare Your Child For School

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Starting School: Where Has The Time Gone?

Last week I received confirmation. The words there in black and white telling me which school our little man has been allocated to attend in September. Even though I have known for the past (almost) five years that this day was on the horizon I genuinely can’t believe my baby boy will be starting school… Continue reading Starting School: Where Has The Time Gone?