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Healthy Lunchbox Snacks With Chewymoon

Its nearly September and that can only mean one thing, BACK TO SCHOOL! Uniforms are bought and labelled, bags have been filled with new stationery and shoes are polished, but aren’t you forgetting something? Packed lunch boxes of course! Parents of children who take a lunch to school will understand the struggle to continually find new, exciting and of course healthy ideas to fill the kids lunch bags. Like most my children would happily devour a chocolate biscuit or a packet of crisps daily as part of their packed lunch, however as a parent I am keen to offer a healthier alternative – plus of course the ‘lunch box police’ would come down on me like a tonne of bricks at the mere whiff of a chocolate covered snack!

Its difficult to find snacks that taste good without any of the ‘nasty’s’ and I’m always first in line to try any newly launched products to hit the supermarket shelves that appear to offer a solution. Recently on social media I spotted a subscription box specifically marketed for children that delivers healthy snacks direct to your door. Perfectly timed for us to try before school starts I decided to order a box and give them a try and luckily for me when you sign up your first box is HALF PRICE (plus 99p P&P).

Created by nutritionists, Chewymoon supply healthy, delicious snacks that are 100% natural without any refined sugar or artificial ingredients. Boxes are available in two sizes, Petite containing 5x30g snack packs costing £2.99 (plus P&P) and the Grande containing 10x30g packs costing £4.99 (plus P&P), which are delivered fortnightly. Each pack is perfectly sized to use as part of your child’s packed lunch or ideal for popping in your handbag to stave off hunger on the go.

A range of sweet and savoury snacks are available, and you can customise your preferences when signing up to ensure you only receive snacks you should enjoy. Subscriptions are completely flexible and can be paused or cancelled at any time without penalty.

So, what did we receive in our box? I picked the petite box for us to trial which contained:

  • Cheese and Baguettes
  • Cherry Raisins
  • Pizza Breads
  • Apple Flapjack
  • Honey Biccies
  • Sticker Book
  • 5 x stickers – each snack pack contains one sticker
  • Educational card – We received a physics card all about Rainbows
  • 2 x collectable Battle Cards – Similar to Top Trumps
  • Nutritional Value Sheet

Firstly, I have to say how perfectly pitched the packaging is, the attention to detail shows how well considered and thought out it has been. The letterbox sized box our items were delivered in and the packaging of the snacks are all bright, colourful and fun ideal to capture children’s attention and making them appealing to eat!

The goodies are individually packaged each containing a sticker and have a colourful cardboard outer featuring one of the Chewymoon characters. Each pack gives a brief bio of the featured character, a poem and a joke which gives an added element of fun.

“What did the dog say when it saw a pile of wood?”


Any parent will tell you that stickers are a sure-fire winner and initially Leo cast aside the snacks in favour of finding where each sticker belonged in the book. However, we did try all the snacks which we thought were delicious and full of flavour, something that is often lacking in similar ‘healthy’ snacks. Our favourite from the snacks we were sent were the Cherry Raisins, they were so juicy and had a nice subtle cherry taste – personally I don’t usually like cherry flavoured items, but these were gorgeous, and bonus is they count as 1 of your 5 a day!

The packs are perfectly portioned and are ideal for keeping the kids hunger at bay without spoiling their tea. They are ideal for lunchboxes and because you are sent a range of snacks each time you receive your subscription the kids will never get bored. I think the price is reasonable, with snacks in the Grande box working out at just shy of 50p each, less than the cost of a chocolate bar or a pack of crisps and so much more nutritious.

Fancy trying Chewymoon in your child’s lunchbox, then head over to their website and claim your HALF PRICE  box. If you do don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on Chewymoon snacks and share which are your favourites in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Lunchbox Snacks With Chewymoon

  1. I’m not a kid (obviously) but I would REALLY enjoy these haha! I’m a real snacky person and I eat little and often throughout the day so it’s difficult to find more healthier options sometimes as I don’t want to continuously snack on biscuits or crisps etc. The pizza breads and the apple flapjacks look scrummy! xxx


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