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3 Tips To Help Your Teen Prepare for Exams

AD | During exams, teenagers can often feel overwhelmed and struggle to cope with the mounting pressure to perform well. This can be a hard time for teenagers, and as parents, we want to do all that we can to help alleviate this pressure. One of the best methods for relieving the stress of exams… Continue reading 3 Tips To Help Your Teen Prepare for Exams


6 Ways To Beat The January Blues

There are many reasons why January is the bleakest month of the year, namely the anti-climactic feeling left behind after the festive season.  After the drawn out build up that now precedes Christmas, it’s easy to understand the feeling of emptiness left behind once the decorations are safely packed away and all that looms ahead… Continue reading 6 Ways To Beat The January Blues

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Blogging: How I’m Staying Organised

With the youngest of the Fraser clan starting school in September I really want to take the opportunity to focus on my blog. I’m extremely lucky that my new job means I work early mornings leaving me plenty of time (in theory) to spend blogging whilst he is at school without infringing on family time.… Continue reading Blogging: How I’m Staying Organised