6 Ways To Beat The January Blues

There are many reasons why January is the bleakest month of the year, namely the anti-climactic feeling left behind after the festive season.  After the drawn out build up that now precedes Christmas, it’s easy to understand the feeling of emptiness left behind once the decorations are safely packed away and all that looms ahead are months of freezing weather. Add to that the lack of daylight and possibly cash thanks to over indulgence in December and it’s not surprising some of us are feeling at a low ebb.

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It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though, as there are plenty of simple ways to help shake those feelings and turn January into a month of positivity. Here are six simple ways you can help beat the New Year blues.

Ditch The Resolutions

Resolutions and New Year are synonymous but that doesn’t mean they are always a good thing. How many times have you vowed on 1st January to quit something for good or committed to something larger than you can deliver? There’s nothing worse than making a resolution only for it to fail within a few weeks leaving you feeling like you’ve despondent.

Instead, why not set smaller more achievable goals, perhaps a weekly or daily checklist so you can celebrate your small wins to keep yourself motivated and feeling positive. By making these smaller goals and resolutions you will have a much higher chance of success helping you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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Be Social

You may not have the money to go out and socialise, but that doesn’t mean you should sit at home either. It’s important at any time to be around friends and family, but even more so if you are feeling blue. Why not arrange for friends to come over for a meal or movie evening? It won’t cost much and the benefit on your mood and well-being will be more than worth it.

Get Outdoors

As I’ve already mentioned daylight hours are somewhat lacking at this time of year, so make the most of them. Never mind the cold, just wrap up warm and enjoy some time outside. Go for a walk, take the kids to the park, whatever it is it’s bound to help lift your mood and blow away the cobwebs. There’s also the added benefit of getting some exercise too -winner!

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Start Planning

January often feels like the longest month of the year with everyone looking forward to what the year might bring. It’s often the time many begin thinking about booking a Summer break and start dreaming of warmer sunny days. However, don’t worry I’m not suggesting you rush to the travel agents!

Fear not, even if you are feeling the pinch on your purse strings after Christmas you can still start thinking ahead to fun times. Having something to look forward to is always a mood booster and as a family we always try to have something on our calendar, regardless of how small. Why not pencil in a lunch or shopping with a friend or funds allowing book a show you’ve been desperate to see. So, get thinking and make plans to do something fun in the next few months and give yourself something to get excited about.

Clear The Clutter

New Year is the perfect time to declutter your home and it’s a great way to help lift your mood. After the decorations come down I’m usually faced with random piles of presents and leftover treats deposited around the house and it’s a great place to start the decluttering process. Clearing out the old can be extremely therapeutic and not only will you have beautifully streamlined home at the end, but you may also find some saleable unwanted items to help make some extra cash! You may have to be ruthless if you truly want to clear your space, but if you haven’t used it in the last year ask yourself why you still have it?

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Take Some Me Time

Most importantly of all, when you’re feeling blue is remembering to take care of you. Ensure you set aside some time to indulge yourself, perhaps a long soak in the bath using some products you were given at Christmas? Do something that makes you happy and helps lift your spirits, whatever that may be. For me there’s nothing better than a good book, a brew and something sweet from the mountain of leftover festive treats!

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What do you do to help chase away the January Blues? Leave a comment and let me know your top tips!

*The January Blues refers to a short period of time when your mood may be low, however if you feel you are struggling please ensure you reach out to your GP or other medical professional for help. The ideas given in this post are merely suggestions to help lift mood during the post-Christmas period and are not designed to replace professional help.

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