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Blogging: How I’m Staying Organised

With the youngest of the Fraser clan starting school in September I really want to take the opportunity to focus on my blog. I’m extremely lucky that my new job means I work early mornings leaving me plenty of time (in theory) to spend blogging whilst he is at school without infringing on family time. Having made the decision it was only right that I purchase some new stationery to help me stay organised on my new quest, right?

Luckily for me the shops are stuffed with cute new items thanks to all the Back To School ranges! I have a few planners and diaries that I currently use and until now it has worked having all my information spread across several places. However, I ideally wanted to find something to keep everything in one place and it proved harder than I thought to find. In fact, I wasn’t even looking for stationery when I found this gorgeous planner in The Range – not a shop I go to often and certainly not the first place I would have thought of to look.

Initially it was the stylish marble effect pattern that attracted me to it before I even realised it was a planner. Well that and it’s “Brilliant Ideas” motif on the front which of course I’m full of! It’s a lovely sturdy square hardback which is spiral- bound inside.

Being part of the Back To School range it’s an 18 Month Planner, however it can be used at anytime as it is date free. It has five sections plus a useful plastic zipper wallet ideal for storing a pen on the go as well as any important pieces of paper you don’t want to misplace like receipts.

The appeal of this particular planner for me was that it contains both Monthly and Weekly spreads. When it comes to planning blog posts I plan up to three months in advance, so having a Monthly page will allow me to see at a glance what I have coming up. I always plan in pencil as often things change or need to be moved around and these spreads lend themselves to that perfectly.

Likewise, the weekly pages have plenty of space on each day to suit my needs plus a section at the side for any other important things I need to note on that week.

There are two sections, Notes and Thoughts, each containing plenty of lined paper. I’m going to use the Thoughts section to note down all my blog post ideas and the Notes for important information I may need to reference for example a list of blogger chats/threads etc.

Finally, there is a section to add Contacts. Although most of the contacts I have in relation to blogging are saved on my email, I’m going to transfer my regular contacts over to the planner to ensure I have them to hand if I need to find them quickly, rather than spending ages scrolling through past emails.

Hopefully this planner will be all I need to keep myself organised from September and even more exciting for me was that it was a bargain at £8.99! I know it won’t suit everyone’s needs in terms of planning and organisation, but for me it’s a perfect fit and hopefully will be my companion on the journey to taking my blog to the next level!

Fancy treating yourself to one of these fabulous planners? They are available from The Range in two designs, Brilliant Ideas and Organised Chaos.

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