All About Me: 20 Questions

In January I decided to write a number of posts All About Me to allow my readers to learn a little more about who I am. For this latest post I have decided to answer 20 ‘this or that’ style questions as I felt it was a quicker, snappier way than more traditional questions. I hope you enjoy reading my answers!

Coffee or Tea?

Has to be Tea! Growing up I couldn’t stand drinking either but in the last 5 years I have discovered a love for tea -one sugar and milk!

Starter or Dessert?

This is a hard one as I am a fan of both but I think my sweet tooth would have to win, who can resist a chocolate fudge cake?

Ketchup or Mayo?

Both! I really couldn’t choose between them as I often have both together with chips and on the occasional burger!

Chinese or Italian?

I love both Chinese and Italian food, however given the option I would probably go for Chinese as we don’t often have it. We all love pizza’s and pasta’s so have them on a regular basis at home meaning Chinese is reserved as more of a special treat.

Popcorn- Sweet or Salted?

Sweet – who decided to make salted popcorn anyway?

Book or Movie?

This has to be the one of the hardest questions for me as I am passionate about both. If there is a movie based on a novel I always have to read the book first as I find movies often leave out big and often important sections of the storyline. Pushed to make a decision I would say reading a book would take preference over watching a movie if and when I have some me time.

Bound Book or Ebook?

Years ago I treated myself to a Kindle, (one of the originals that’s how long ago it was!), and for years I used it as my only reading source finding that books were often much cheaper to purchase as an Ebook. However in the last 18 months my passion for books has been rekindled following a trip to the local library. I had tried to fool myself for so long that reading on my Kindle was no different to reading a book, but I love the smell and feel of reading an actual book much more than reading from an electronic screen. The only downside to switching is that I have to have the light on when reading in bed now!

Films- Romance or Horror?

Mr F loves a good horror movie, but has to watch them when I’m out or in bed as I just don’t like them. In my youth (a long time ago!) I used to love watching them, but I just can’t hack them anymore give me a nice happy romantic film any day of the week!

TV- Drama or Comedy?

You can’t beat a good bit of TV comedy in the evening as nice lighthearted easy watch, just what I need after a day running after the kids!

Call or Text?

I have touched on briefly in previous posts that I suffer with anxiety and this has had a massive impact on every aspect of my life including something as simple as using the telephone. Whilst I would happily speak to people on the phone in the past my anxiety has meant that I feel much happier communicating via text. I don’t avoid calls altogether, however I am loathe to answer incoming calls unless absolutely necessary preferring to make calls in my own time when I feel ready to do so.

Facebook or Twitter?

I never really used or I stood Twitter until I started blogging, but it has since become my favourite social media channel- I just feel it’s much quicker moving and current in comparison to Facebook.

Dancing or Singing?

I can’t sing for toffee! In fact I probably can’t dance either, but in order to save everyone’s ears I would opt to dance first and foremost and reserve singing for when I’m alone in the car!

Bath or Shower?

I shower everyday for speed purposes, but given the choice a nice long soak in a bubble bath would always win – since having children a bath is now considered a luxury especially if it is uninterrupted !

Town or Country?

Despite living in Cumbria which is renowned as a rural area of countryside I am definitely a towny. I need to be close by to the amenities (shops!) and having stayed in the middle of the nowhere before I can confidently say I couldn’t stand the silence or the pitch black that descends at night due to the lack of streetlights!

Cat or Dog?

Growing up our family always had dogs, but when I moved out and lived on my own I became a cat owner and there was no going back. My cats were both so cuddly and I adored how they would come and sit on my lap whilst I watched TV purring with contentment. Our only pet now is a Guinea Pig, but I would definitely love to be a cat owner again in the future.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I’m not a morning person despite being a Mum for nearly 15yrs my early bird mode has failed to deploy! I struggle to get going in the mornings and am at my most productive in the evening .

Happiness or Wealth?

Happiness of course! Money may be able to buy you material things and nice holiday, but it will never be able to buy happiness.

Fashionably Early or Running Late?

Much to the horror of my eldest I am usually fashionably early, to a teenager this is like the crime of the century! I don’t like being late to anything and have always been that way as my Mum was the same. I must hold my hands up though and say since the arrival of the little one I am occasionally running late – even after 4yrs – it’s can just be such a struggle to get everyone ready and out on time especially with an image conscious teenager in tow!

Trousers or Skirt?

I only wear skirts or dresses when needs really must, usually to wedding’s or other formal occasions where I don’t have much choice! I am really self conscious as I naturally have one calf that is significantly bigger than the other so I prefer to hide it under my trousers.

Heels or Flats?

When I was pregnant with my youngest I developed a bad back which at the time was put down to normal pregnancy problems (SPD), however it was discovered many months later when there had been no improvement that I had actually slipped a number of discs. Since then I really struggle to wear any type of heel, even the smallest, so it’s sadly flats for me now. I used wear heels all of the time from being a teen so it’s been quite a big adjustment.

Thanks for reading! What are your preferences? Feel free to share some of yours in the comments I would love to read them.

15 thoughts on “All About Me: 20 Questions

  1. I’m definitely a morning person! I get up early and even if I don’t I’m tired by 8pm and wanna sleep! I also am a fan of comedy movies! I scare too easily for horrors! Lol great post! It’s great getting to know you!


  2. “my early bird mode has failed to deploy” – this made me howl, it’s me to a T! I’m with you on trousers (school runs are not made for skirts) and flats. That’s interesting about your back, I acquired an undiagnosed slipped disc during pregnancy, which triggered sciatica and I couldn’t walk for nearly 9 months. I still have to see an osteopath once a month and I’ve recently started taking magnesium supplements, which has REALLY helped me. Anyway, enough rambling, I loved this post, Melanie, it’s so nice to find out more about you! X

    Lisa |


  3. This is such a fun twist on the usual ‘get to know me questions’ type-post! It’s crazy how much you can find out about a person through a few this or that questions! So fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Seriously, Melanie! Reading through your answers I was actually bewildered at how
    much we have in common! Felt like I was reading about myself!

    Soffy //


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