Summer Memories With Old English Company Enamel Pins Plus Giveaway!

It’s this time of year, as the weather becomes warmer, that I look back with fondness on my carefree Summer days and the fun and laughter they brought. Being out late into the evening playing with the other children on our street and only having to go in when the streetlamps came on, what I wouldn’t give to go back and have one more day! Recently these memories were reignited when I heard about the brand-new range of enamel pin badges from Old English Company as I distinctly remember a Summer that was spent collecting pin badges. Proudly displayed on my trusty denim backpack for all to see they were my pride and joy – in fact I’m pretty sure they are still lurking in our loft 20+ years later! To be honest as a child I was a bit of a hoarder and had an array of ‘collections’ of every kind!


Old English Company has recently launched a range of modern enamel pin badges, much more sophisticated than any I ever collected as a child. Having browsed the pages of badges numerous times I can hear the inner hoarder inside screaming at me to start a new collection! In fact, I want to buy them all, however after much deliberation I have chosen my top five from the range to share with you.

She Believed She Could

I love anything that sends a positive message and this little pin says it all. It’s something I could definitely take heed of at times and have a little more belief in myself and my abilities and this pin would be the perfect reminder. I’m also really loving pink and gold at the moment having just revamped my blogging/office stuff using it as the colour scheme.


Drive Me Nuts

When I see this pin it just reminds me of my kids (and hubby)! I love them to bits but they do drive me nuts at times! Also who could resist a super cute squirrel?


No Sleep Gang

As a parent this pin is essential – we are the founders of The No Sleep Gang! A pin to wear with pride and show solidarity with the other zombie Mum’s roaming the streets! Again I’m loving the colour scheme – I can see a theme emerging!


Pizza Lover

This one doesn’t need much explanation, who doesn’t love a slice of pizza? My daughter would adore this pin too, I often tell her one day she will wake up shaped like a slice of pizza, I’m sure she is 95% cheese and dough!


Mama Bear

My final pick is the Mama Bear oval pin, which once again is in the gorgeous pink and gold colour I adore at the moment. I just had to pick this one as I’m the Mama Bear here in Fraser’s Fun House plus the bear is super cute too!


There really is something for everyone and it was so hard picking my top five! To see the full range of enamel pin badges make sure you visit the Old English Company Website.

Not only that Old English Company are giving away a set of three enamel pin badges just CLICK HERE to enter and one lucky winner will be picked at random on 30th May 2018!


*This is a sponsored post but as always thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

7 thoughts on “Summer Memories With Old English Company Enamel Pins Plus Giveaway!

  1. I just adore their pins and all of the homeware actually. I can’t wait to post my recent haul with them!!! This is a super ace post!!! 💛💛💛


  2. I loveee all their pins and spent way to long on their website trying to choose my faves! 😝🙈 I wish I could have them all he he! The pizza lover pin is one of my faves too! 🍕 I love all your explanations too, the “you drive me nuts” one made me smile, you picked some great pins Melanie! Thanks for sharing your selection 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

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