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Book Review: The Bobby & Morph Collection by R E Fisher

If you are regular reader of Fraser’s Fun House, you will know how much I love books and how important I feel it is to share this passion with the kids. From only a few months old I spent time reading and enjoying books with the kids, mirroring the experiences I had as a child. I don’t remember a time when books weren’t a massive part of my life and I have fond memories of sitting snuggled up with my Mum sharing a story of two and I hope my children will look back fondly on similar warm, happy memories.

Author R E Fisher hopes that his series of children’s stories, featuring loveable pups Bobby & Morph, will provide the perfect tool to help you create that same warm fuzzy feeling with your own children and build those long-lasting memories. Having started life as a series of hand-written scribbles in a notepad it was only through the encouragement of Friend’s and Family that this series of ten books were ever developed and published.


Aimed at children aged 4-7 years each book follows Bobby & Morph on a different adventure each with its own message and lesson to share. To date three of the ten titles have been published with the fourth available for pre-order ahead of it’s release on 12th May 2018.

Leo and I were sent the first three books in the series to share together; Bobby& Morph help the man who didn’t have a house, Bobby & Morph help the Mayor with the magic scarf and Bobby & Morph find their happy place and meet Sonny. Each book is ten pages long and littered with cute black and white illustrations created by Bryony James.


These are fabulously sweet little stories which deal with real issues in a relatable way that children can understand including the importance of being polite, feeling comfortable in your own skin as well as raising awareness of homelessness. We loved reading these together and particularly enjoyed the little rhyming poems which are featured in all of the stories. They are fantastic to read at anytime of the day although I found them to the perfect length for the ideal Bedtime Story.


I think if we had to choose a favourite it would be Bobby & Morph find their happy place and meet Sonny. This was definitely Leo’s favourite, aside from the fact that Grandma and Grandad’s dog is also called Sonny, it is the one he has asked to read the most! For me I loved the message it sends to children, that it’s alright not to ‘fit in’ and that you should feel comfortable being who you are. With all the pressure children experience nowadays to conform this story has taken the opportunity to show that it’s OK to be different and it’s a message which all children should hear.


“The best people never fit in. That’s why they stand out……And that’s why you stand out. Don’t ever change”Bobby

If you would like to find out more about the Bobby & Morph collection and author R E Fisher you can visit their Website or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The books are available to purchase from Amazon using the links below:

Book #1 Bobby & Morph: Help the man who didn’t have a house

Book #2 Bobby & Morph: Help the Mayor with the Magic Scarf

Book #3 Bobby & Morph: Find Their Happy Place and Meet Sonny

Book #4 (Available for pre-order)Bobby & Morph: Find A New Toy

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