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Play Outdoors This Summer

I can barely believe it’s almost the end of June and before we know it the school holidays will be upon us. Six weeks of trying to entertain the kids stretching ahead of you is daunting to say the least, but this year I’m hoping the weather won’t let us down. My lot love being outdoors, if it’s dry we make sure we are outside making the most of it before the Cumbrian weather has other ideas!

There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors for adults as well as kids! Not only are you all getting a top up of your vitamin D, but it’s time away from the temptation of screens and technology and a chance for you to engage with each other. I’m going to sound old now, but as a child before the days of the internet and phones I spent every day in the Summer outside from dawn till dusk, only having to go in when the streetlights came on. The memories I made during that time in my life are ones that make me grin like a Cheshire cat at the mere thought and ones I will always treasure.

If like me, you sometimes lack ideas to keep the kids entertained whilst playing outdoors fear not as I have compiled my top picks from the outdoor range at What2Buy4Kids.

“What2Buy4Kids is a family run online toy store stocking a huge range of fun, educational toys for children of all ages.”

Dueling Stomp Rockets

If your family are ‘slightly’ competitive like ours then these are perfect! Air powered duel rockets can be launched simultaneously in a battle against your opponent. Challenge family and friends time and time again to see whose rocket can soar the highest, with a range of up to 200ft it all comes down to who can stomp the hardest! There are hours of fun to be had! Also available are Jnr Glow Stomp Rocket designed for younger children or the fabulous LED Stomp Rocket ideal for night time challenges.


Sky Rider LED

This high-powered light up disc is much more than your old school frisbee, you remember the ones, right? These are precision balanced to help give a smooth accurate throw plus it lights up could it get much better, goodbye plastic disc hello Sky Rider! Perfectly sized it can be taken with you to the park, the beach or even taken in the bottom of your suitcase on holiday. The ideal game for the whole family plus just think of all the exercise you will get running to catch it – that’s motivation enough for me!


Skipping Ropes

Nothing beats a skipping rope when it comes to playing outdoors. Fun and great exercise the perfect combo. I remember spending hours skipping as a child singing rhymes or playing with my friends trying to double skip together. What2Buy4Kids have some really cute wooden designs – my favourites are the mouse and bee – and such a bargain at £5.50!

Design Your Own Kite

If you live near or are planning a trip to the coast this Summer a kite is an absolute must! Why buy an off the peg design kite though when you can create your own masterpiece to fly proudly? This fabulous kit comes with everything you need to create your own statement, unique design. Ideal for arty kids this set provides a fantastic wet day creative activity too, as let’s not kid ourselves I’m sure the Summer will throw a couple of those our way too!


Ring Toss

A fantastically simple game that will have you gripped for hours as you compete against your family and friends. Not only will this game bring out your competitive side and provide hours of fun, but it’s a great way for younger family members to improve their hand-eye coordination. This is a travel size game so ideal for having in the boot on days out or heading off on holiday.


Kids Scavenger Hunt

This game is perfect to keep everyone entertained and best of all there are both indoor and outdoor cards, so weather needn’t stop play. A simple yet fun game to keep the whole family active and entertained.


Fraser’s Fun House are proud Brand Ambassadors for What2Buy4Kids and readers can get 10% discount on any orders made using our code FRASER218* (including sale items!)

To view the full range of toys and gifts available visit the What2Buy4Kids website

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