Book Review: The Plus One By Sophia Money-Coutts

Chick-lit has been one of my favourite genre’s for as long as I can remember and once upon a time I read nothing else – I now read anything and everything! So whist browsing that love-to-hate site Netgalley I couldn’t resist adding The Plus One to my already bulging ‘shelf’ – I really need to stop looking on there as I want to request all the titles!. When reading the blurb this book seemed to have everything I look for in a chick-lit , so what did I think………

Thanks to Netgalley and HQ for granting me an advance copy of The Plus One.


The Plus One [n] informal a person who accompanies an invited person to a social function or a reminder of being single, alone and absolutely plus none

Three little words all single ladies dread…

Polly Spencer is fine. She’s single, turning thirty and only managed to have sex twice last year (both times with a Swedish banker called Fred), but seriously, she’s fine. Even if she’s still stuck at Posh! magazine writing about royal babies and the chances of finding a plus one to her best friend’s summer wedding are looking worryingly slim.

But it’s a New Year, a new leaf and all that. Polly’s determined that over the next 365 days she’ll remember to shave her legs, drink less wine and generally get her s**t together. Her latest piece is on the infamous Jasper, Marquess of Milton, undoubtedly neither a plus one nor ‘the one’. She’s heard the stories, there’s no way she’ll succumb to his charms…



Polly Spencer is 30, working in an unfulfilling job and worst of all has been single for as long as she can remember. Her job as a writer for aristocratic loving magazine Posh! sees singleton Polly tasked with writing a profile on Playboy Jasper Milton and she is invited to stay at his family castle for the weekend. Surrounded by his eccentric family and friends and learning more about him Polly starts to wonder if he really deserves the reputation he has earned and before she knows it the pair are an item. The timing is perfect for Polly as her best friend is set to get married and for once she has a plus one and doesn’t have to dread yet another wedding sitting alone. But Jasper is a Marquess and lives a life of wealth and entitlement which is in complete contrast to Polly, so can they make it work?

The Plus One is chick-lit gold combining the perfect mix of humour, romance and heartache to make a fabulously fun read. It’s full of colourful characters, especially Jasper’s ‘posh’ friends who are hilariously funny! Protagonist Polly’s romantic and often ‘sexy’ encounters are written in such a refreshingly honest way, even those that are so cringeworthy they make you want to cover your eyes and hide! There are a few more serious moments thrown into the mix too as Polly helps support her widowed Mother whilst trying to balance her job, her love life and her duties as Maid Of Honour too. These moments are well written and at times emotional but provide a fantastic balance with the humorous and fun sections.

For me this book is reminiscent of Bridget Jones and equally as funny, it’s such an easy, light-hearted read ideal for devouring on the beach or snuggled under the duvet at home with a brew. Like many novels of this genre the story line is at times a little predictable, but this didn’t detract from my enjoyment, it was just what I needed after reading a whole host of thrillers and mysteries of late. If your looking for a book that’s nice and easy to blast through and doesn’t need too much analysing then this is perfect, just put your feet up and enjoy!

The Plus One is available to purchase from Amazon*

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**This book was gifted in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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