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Review: Dave Gorman With Great Powerpoint Comes Great ResponsibiltyPoint Tour 2018

For years hubby and I used to buy each other the obligatory Christmas presents, you know the ones; socks, pants and smelly sets. That was until a few years ago when we decided to treat ourselves to tickets for a night out instead. Being busy parents our opportunity for an evening out without at least one of the kids are few and far between so this Christmas gift idea offers us a chance to firmly add a date to our calendar dedicated to ‘us’ time.

As massive comedy fans our event of choice to date has always been a stand-up show and we are extremely fortunate that our local theatre venue hosts some amazing acts. So, last year when a brand-new tour from comedian Dave Gorman was advertised in the run up to Christmas we knew we had to bite the bullet and snap some tickets up. To be completely honest 11 months on we had pushed it to the back of our minds until the October page on the calendar was unveiled and our long-awaited night out appeared on the horizon.

dave gorman

Dave Gorman first appeared on my radar back in 2001 when I watched his show Are You Dave Gorman? all about his search for other Dave Gorman’s across the world, however his more recent show Modern Life Is Goodish is the show that really cemented his place in my comedy hall of fame. Modern Life Is Goodish started back in 2013 around the time my youngest was born and offered some much-needed light relief for us sleep depraved parents. Running for 4yrs the show became a regular weekly fixture for us.

His new show Dave Gorman With Great Powerpoint Comes Great ResponsibiltyPoint is his first tour in fours years and is playing up and down the country until the end of February 2019 – so there’s still plenty of time to grab yourself some tickets! As the title suggests Dave was equipped with his trusty big screen and the all important powerpoint presentation!

So, what did we think? Would the stage show live up to expectation? Well……unexpectedly we were treated to a warm up act in the shape of a chap called Nick Doody. We hadn’t heard of him before, but he was pure genius! With a combination of jokes and humorous songs accompanied by his keyboard playing he reminded me very much of a ruder version of Tim Vine. We thoroughly enjoyed his set and I have a feeling that his usual style of humour is a little more X-rated as he did keep mentioning the warning he had been given prior to the tour about it being a PG show! His set left us wanting more which is always a good thing and I’ll be definitely be adding his DVD to my Christmas list for Santa!

After the interval came the main man himself who performed non-stop for a full 90 minutes – although it felt nowhere near that! The show format was basically a longer length version of a Modern Life Is Goodish episode with added swearing and plenty of content that just wouldn’t make the edit for TV. Dave had the audience rolling in the aisles from start to finish and my face was aching by the end! His observational comedy is so relatable there’s something in his routine for everyone that will have you nodding along whilst wiping away tears of laughter.

When reading reviews there’s nothing worse than spoilers so I’m not going to go into detail with my review except to say that for me personally the highlights of the show were the Found Poem and the giraffe joke. I honestly haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

I have seen loads of comedians over the years, but for me this show stands head and shoulders above the rest, exceeding my expectations ten-fold. If you’re already a Dave Gorman fan this show is an absolute must! If you don’t have a clue who he is then get the TV switched onto Dave and watch repeats of Modern Life Is Goodish and see what you have been missing. I cannot recommend this show enough, top night out!

You can find out more about Dave Gorman and his forthcoming shows by visiting his website.

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      1. Love Lee Mack! Russell Howard was absolutely brilliant you should definately see him if you ever get a chance xx


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