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Festive Traditions: Blogger Edition

As a massive Frozen and Disney fan I was over joyed last year when Olaf got his very own short movie, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and it didn’t disappoint. Olaf and Sven’s mission in this animation was the inspiration for this post as it sees them head out to seek a holiday tradition for Anna and Elsa. Along the way they discover many traditions which highlight the different ways in which families celebrate the festive season and it got me thinking about my fellow blogger’s favourite traditions. I had plenty of blogger’s who were happy to share their favourite tradition, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

Of course, I should probably start by sharing my own! My favourite tradition is our Christmas Eve buffet filled with loads of nibbles and party style food all eaten in front a festive movie with the fire roaring. It’s always a running joke that I make enough food to feed the entire street, but I’m sure the family love it really!

“We love to make gingerbread houses every year. We usually buy the ready made kits from the supermarket that you just glue together with the icing and decorate. We always end up in such a mess but it’s great fun. This year we are going to try to make one of our own from scratch. Eek!”

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Assorted iced Christmas biscuits
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“Our favourite Christmas tradition at home (other than watching a ridiculous amount of Christmas movies throughout December), is quite simple, as we aren’t at home just the two of us for Christmas Day as we spend the day with family; around a week before, we like to have a “mini Christmas” at home, complete with a nice roast and sometimes a little early present! Also on Christmas eve we have to watch A Christmas Carol (The Patrick Stewart version) with a mug of hot chocolate, before bed!”

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“Every year, as my whole family are unable to spend Christmas Day together, we all make time for an ‘Early Christmas’ evening. This happens a few days before the big day and involves exchanging Secret Santa gifts, cooking a big Christmas dinner and usually a few amusing games of Charades. It’s always such an enjoyable festive evening and yay for two Christmas dinners in one week! “

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“I love Christmas and the whole festive season. One tradition I love is visiting my dads house. Usually when I go to him I drive up on Christmas eve and with my sister we have a takeaway – I do too much cooking on Christmas Day. No need to do any on Christmas Eve.
Then I head out into the sleepy market town to meet up with old school friends where we go to the pub and spend the night, drinking, sharing stories, catching up and singing badly to Christmas songs. “

“My husband and I spend Christmas eve snuggled up just the two of us. We make a massive cheese, fresh bread and cold meats board, sip a glass of red and watch Christmas films. To start of the evening we also exchange a Christmas Eve present from each other which, as tradition goes, is always something sleep or lounge-wear related. Sometimes I look forward to Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day!”

It’s so difficult for me to pinpoint my favourite Christmas tradition as there are a few that feel particularly special to me. One tradition is that on Christmas Eve I’ve always been allowed to open one present, and it’s always a pair of pyjamas. This comes from my Mom always telling my older brother and me that Santa doesn’t come to children who haven’t tidied their rooms or had a bath and hair wash. I guess the new pyjamas were an incentive for us to do what she said!

“One of the things that always says Christmas to me is stocking the Advent Calendar. We have a lovely Paperchase felt Advent Calendar that the Christmas Fairy tops up with a single Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment in each slot every night after Flora’s bedtime. And it’s amazing how early she gets up during December now…”

Growing up in a religious background mostly influenced by my Mom, every Christmas Eve we make sure that we have our Christmas Dinner prepared before Midnight. We then visit our local Church after the preparation which normally finishes 10 past 12:00 midnight. Once we have made our way back home it is time for late night supper. Normally the young ones can’t wait to open the gifts and what better time to open them when you come home. This celebration normally lasts till 03:00am which means everyone is a sleep up till 11:00 am

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What is your favourite Festive Tradition? What do you and your family enjoy doing together during the Christmas period? Leave me a message below I’d love to hear all about your traditions!

10 thoughts on “Festive Traditions: Blogger Edition

  1. Thank you so much for including me, Melanie, I loved reading about my fellow bloggers’ festive traditions – I particularly love the sound of Laura’s (Lucky Pretty) Christmas Eve. Maybe in about ten years time when Flora’s moved out that’s something Alan and I can enjoy, haha! xx

    Lisa |


  2. I love the idea of having a ‘mini-Christmas’ before the big event with family. I always do a mini Christmas dinner the week before because we’re always with family, but I might go all out this year and really make it special. And that massive meat and cheese board sounds amazing!
    Gemma x |


  3. I really loved reading about everyone’s festive traditions Melanie! Thank you so much for including me! I love the idea of your huge Christmas Eve buffet and a Christmas film, there is no such thing as too much food at Christmas, right?! Hannah’s tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve brought back fond memories of me and my sister always opening a joint present together which was usually a board game which we played in the evening. Fun times! Thank you for sharing all these traditions, such a lovely post and I’m feeling even more festive now!! ❤ xxx

    Bexa |


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