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Radio Times: Christmas TV Top Picks 2018

Last year I shared a post all about one of my family’s favourite festive traditions, flicking through the bumper edition of the Radio Times. From being a child, I can remember the anticipation of purchasing the weighty magazine from the corner shop and getting home to flick through and mark what we were planning to watch. It’s something I have continued to do with my own family and as soon as it hit the shelves this week Mr F came racing home from work clutching this year’s copy hot off the press.

Having spent hours poring over its pages and marking many more programmes than is humanly possible to watch, I have whittled down some of my top TV picks over Christmas. Christmas has fallen perfectly this year, preceded by a weekend which for a Monday-Friday girl like me means more time to enjoy some family time in front of the box. I hope you enjoy this year’s festive selection and be sure to let me know what you’ll be watching this year in the comments below!

22nd December

11.35am C4 Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

I am a massive fan of the Ice Age movies but haven’t seen this festive short so I’m super excited to give it a watch with the kids!

6pm Sky Action Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

I recently discovered this film and have already watched it several times! It’s absolutely AMAZING, something that shocked me as I had doubts that it would stand up to the Robin Williams original. Jack Black deserves an Oscar for his performance in this he is a hilarious! A fabulous family must-watch movie.

9pm ITV The Jonathon Ross Christmas Show

Who doesn’t love the Jonathon Ross Show and this festive special has some cracking guests including Gillian Anderson, Sheridan Smith (Mr F will be happy) and a performance from John Legend. It’s one for us grown ups to enjoy with a tipple once the little one is in bed.

23rd December

3pm BBC1 Room On A Broom

Leo loves this book and we haven’t watched the animation of Julia Donaldson’s fabulous tale, so this is firmly on our ‘to watch’ list.

4.55pm ITV2 Elf

Guaranteed I will have watched this billions of times by the time the 23rd comes around, but you can NEVER watch Elf too many times, it’s one of our favourites!

8pm ITV The Chase: The Bloopers

I love The Chase it’s my go-to quiz show and I’m always watching the repeats on Challenge, so this is right up my street. Some of the hilarity that ends up the actual show is cracking, so I can’t wait to see these out takes that promise to be even better.

9pm C4 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown Christmas Special

I’m a massive 8 Out Of 10 Cats fan and this episode features my favourite Joe Wilkinson alongside David Mitchell, Jon Richardson, Sean Lock and Kathy Burke – what a line up! I can’t wait to settle down with Mr F and the teens to watch this.

Christmas Eve

12.55 ITV The Grinch

This is another film on my Top 10 festive favourites that will never get old however many times I see it. Jim Carrey is a legend and he makes the perfect Grinch in this fabulous family film.

6pm C4 Miracle on 34th Street

This classic film MUST be watched over Christmas, it’s pure magic. I prefer this version with Richard Attenborough and for me he is the real Chris Kringle. An amazing feel-good film with a wonderful message at its heart. If you haven’t seen it before you MUST watch it and if you have then settle down and enjoy it’s delights all over again!

8pm C4 Child Genius Vs Celebrities Christmas Special

Watching the kids on Child Genius leaves me astounded, so seeing celebrities pitting their knowledge against them has entertainment written all over it, especially with comedian Jimmy Carr being one of the participants!

Christmas Day

12.40pm C4 The Snowman

This one needs no introduction and it’s the law it must be watched during the Christmas period. We are super excited to be attending The Snowman Tour Live on the 28th December, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my review!

1.15 C4 The Snowman and the Snowdog

Well you can’t watch one without the other can you! Whilst it’s not as much of a classic as The Snowman, this festive tale is a fabulous watch the whole family will love.

4pm C4 The Muppet Christmas Carol

This is my favourite Christmas movie of all-time and tops my list of must-watch festive films.  If you haven’t seen it, I’m begging you to make time to sit down with the family and watch it – you won’t be disappointed.

6.15pm Sky 1 The Greatest Showman

I fell in love with this movie when I saw it at the cinema and I’ve yet to watch it since it’s been on Sky Movies so this one is a must. Mr F hasn’t seen it yet and has promised to ‘give it a go’ even though it’s not really his normal viewing and that’s enough for me to circle it in marker pen!

Boxing Day

1.20pm ITV3 Carry On Abroad

It’s not Christmas unless you’ve watched a Carry on movie is it and ITV3 are showing a host of them on Boxing Day. I’m not sure I have seen this one though hence it’s on my list, although once I start watching it I’m sure I’ll remember I have!

5.40pm BBC1 The BFG

I haven’t seen this movie and have always wanted to so when I spotted it in the listings I knew it had to make my top picks. I’m really looking forward to watching it with the family as it’s rare to find a film none of us have seen!

9pm Sky Christmas National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Sorry it’s another from my favourite Christmas movie list! Being an 80’s child I grew up watching this every year and it’s absolutely hilarious – I laugh along regardless of how many times I’ve seen it!

27th December

1.30 BBC1 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

I’ve always loved the Indiana Jones movies and predictably they are always on over Christmas, so I always make sure I watch them. The Temple of Doom is by far my favourite and the one I have watched the most and whilst aimed at a family audience I do remember being a bit scared as a young kid!

6.15pm Sky Christmas Fred Claus

This family film has become a firm favourite of mine over the years and one I’d now personally consider a classic, owing to the fact I’ve watched it so many times! It’s a great watch and Vince Vaughan plays the role of Fred so well.

9pm Sky 1 Romesh’s Look Back To The Future

This caught my eye as I’m a massive Romesh Ranganathan fan and the premise of the show sounds interesting. Romesh, along with several celebrities look back on predictions they made about 2018. I’m hoping this will accompanied by some laughs too, I guess I’ll have to wait and see!

Is there a special show or film you can’t miss over the festive season? Don’t forget to let me know what you’ll be watching over Christmas this year!

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