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Review: Zimpli Kids SnoBall Play

Welcome to Day 15 of Blogmas and today it’s something for big and small kids alike! Winter is my favourite season and the most anticipated part of it is the possibility of snow. Every year I have my fingers firmly crossed in the hope we get a downfall of that fabulous white stuff, however I’m usually disappointed with nothing but heavy rain and wind!


When the teens were younger I used to purchase those little packets of fake snow in the hope of recreating some of the excitement, but always ended up disappointed with the result. I was therefore intrigued when I received an email from Zimpli Kids asking if I’d like to review their SnoBall Play packs. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance, excited to share the experience with Leo and see if it was any better than ones I’d previously purchased. This activity was a real life saver for me when earlier in the month Leo was off school with chicken pox and starting to get bored of being housebound!

The box contains full instructions and 2 X 25g bags of ‘snow’ powder which together make up to 30 SnoBalls. We decided to use just one of the powder bags to create our SnoBalls and it was super simple to make, we just needed to add 1.4L of water and keep mixing with our hands. It took quite a while to mix together, but we really enjoyed running the changing mixture through our hands as it changed into ‘snow’. An important thing to remember when making this is to use a big bowl as the mixture expands loads! We just got away with it but really could have done with a bigger one!


Once mixed together it was easy to form them into SnoBalls ready to play! The mixture is degradable so can be left outside to break down naturally or thrown away in your household waste. It also contains no harmful chemicals making it kind even to the most sensitive skin – I suffer with eczema on my hands and had no problems.

We used our second powder pack to make a fluffier ‘snow’ mixture to play with in the bowl, simply by adding less water. This ‘snow’ felt much more realistic to me, especially as the cold water made it have a distinctly chilly feel! We had great fun playing with it and it felt lovely to squidge between my fingers – I was quite sad when Leo wanted to finish playing!


SnoBall Play is significantly better than the fake snow packs I used to buy for the girls. I think it would be impossible to make something exactly like real snow, but Zimpli Kids have come close and we loved testing the SnoBall Packs. They would make fab Christmas stocking fillers or would be perfect if you fancy a SnoBall fight in the Summer!


SnoBall Play is available to purchase from Amazon** as well as other high street toy shops and retailers.

To find out more about SnoBall Play and other fun products made by Zimpli Kids visit their website.

*We were gifted this product in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
**This post contains affiliate links

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