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Blog Tour: Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer By G J Barnes

Wow, I genuinely can’t believe I’ve made it to day 16 of Blogmas, but here we are! For today’s post I have the pleasure of taking part in the Blog Tour for the newly released festive kids book, Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer. Combining two of my favourite things, books and Christmas, I jumped at the chance of taking part and sharing this new offering with my little man. Many thanks to Faye Rogers and of course author, G J Barnes, for the opportunity to be part of the publication tour.

About The Book

Scampy Doodle is a happy go lucky black dog who has a strong nose for adventure.

It’s Christmas Eve and Scampy Doodle is fast asleep when he is woken by a strange noise coming from the chimney. Discover what happens when he goes to investigate and gets the greatest surprise of his life


Released just in time for Christmas, this children’s book tells the story of family pet Scampy Doodle and his festive adventure. Tucked up in bed on Christmas Eve with his stocking dutifully hung, Scampy Doodle hears a strange noise coming from the living room. Upon investigation he finds Poor Father Christmas wedged up the chimney and must help dislodge him by giving a firm tug on his boots.

Completely star struck when confronted by the ‘big man’ himself Scampy Doodle finds himself initially speechless in his presence. Before long though he realises he needs to help Father Christmas to feed his reindeer. But, there isn’t a carrot in sight and Scampy Doodle decides to selflessly give up some of his own food and belongings to help. But what will his human, Jemima say when she discovers things missing?

This is such a sweet little story that really ignited Leo’s imagination and left him wondering what secrets pets have that we humans will never know about. We really enjoy reading stories inspired by real pets as it really brings the animals individual characters to life on the page and that’s certainly the case reading this book. I can completely imagine Scampy Doodle in the flesh and the cheeky adventures he gets up to when his human’s backs are turned.

The illustrations by Chris Sorensen are fabulous! Bright, colourful and full of character they really compliment the story well. The font of the book is large, however there are quite a lot of words per page so defiantly one to share together unless your child is an accomplished reader. It’s a nice length making it perfect as a bedtime story. With a wonderfully happy ending plus a special message about sharing too, what more could you want?

This story is the perfect festive read and would be a nice little gift this Christmas – in my opinion you can NEVER go wrong gifting a book! I really hope we see more adventures from Scampy Doodle in the future as I’m sure there are plenty!

Author Info

 As my daughter got older we used to (and still do) tell each other stories in the car about our family dog Scamp. Scamp had been neglected as a puppy and was rescued by my parents and became our family pet.

He was a little bit crazy (he used to try and get up on the table to lick up crumbs after a meal) but he was always happy to see you and always there for a cuddle whenever anyone needed one.

In many ways he was more like a human being, standing up on his back legs, drinking cups of tea out of a cup off the coffee table.

So I decided to write some of our stories down to share with others, the first one being Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer.

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Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer is available to purchase from Amazon*

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** We were gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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