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Our Top 10 Christmas Must Watch Movies!

Christmas means MOVIES! There are so many to choose from and everyone has their own favourites that must be watched year in year out. I’d like to think as a massive movie and Christmas fan I have seen my fair share of those on offer so I set myself a challenge to whittle them down to my top 10 – easier than it sounds!

10. Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Based on the well-known Dr Seuss book this movie tells the tale of the Christmas hating Grinch who decides to ruin the Whoville resident’s holiday fun. Jim Carey is a master of comedy and his depiction of the Grinch is perfection! Humour is never far away, however I do think some of the scenes could be a perceived as a little ‘scary’ for some younger viewers.

Had to have this in my top 10 as I’m a massive Jim Carey fan!


9. Miracle On 34th Street (1994)

Having seen the original of this movie from 1947 I must say I prefer this remake from the 90’s. Richard Attenborough plays Kris Kringle as the most convincing portrayal of Santa I have ever seen – he will always be my REAL Santa! Sadly after being ‘set up’ Mr Kringle has to prove himself to all the non-believers in order to secure his freedom.

Such a magical storyline with a real heart –warming message at its core, it’s definitely one for the whole family to enjoy again and again.


8. The Santa Clause (1994)

Imagine killing Santa and having to take his place! Well that’s exactly what happens to poor Scott Calvin who decides to approach his new role with full on denial! Eventually though accepting his fate and taking up his role as Santa lands him hot water with his ex-wife and her new husband -who are non-believers!- over access to his son.

I adore this film as it has a real magical feel which is what Christmas is about.


7. Fred Claus (2007)

Fred Claus approaches the whole Christmas movie from a completely different angle. It tells the story of two brother’s with one growing up to become Saint Nicholas, leaving Fred to live in his shadow becoming resentful in the process. Fast-forward years and despite having had little contact through the years, Fred visits Nick at the North Pole where he manages firstly ruin before ultimately saving Christmas.

Fabulous film and of course has the added bonus of starring Vince Vaughan when he was looking dishy!


6. The Holiday (2006)

Who doesn’t love a rom-com? I adore the story line of this film that sees Amanda and Iris, two very different women living miles apart who have been unlucky in love. Answering a house swapping ad online on the spur of the moment Amanda soon jets thousands of miles to swap homes and lifestyles with Iris.

It’s a real feel-good movie which features not only blossoming romance but friendship too.


5. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1992)

I know most people’s choice here is probably the first movie but I have always personally preferred the second- New York is one of the places on my lists of cities to visit so that may well have something to do with it! This film sees Kevin again manage to ditch his family for the holidays by boarding the wrong plane and instead landing himself a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York – much better than the splosh fest in Florida his family end up with.

Personally I think the stunts pulls on Marv and Harry in this movies are much funnier than in the first and regardless of the fact I have watched it ‘hundreds’ of times I still belly laugh at each and every one!


4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Being born in the early 80’s I was brought up watching this classic Christmas comedy movie. Cataloguing a whole host of disasters for poor Clark Griswold, from his Christmas Bonus being cancelled in favour of a subscription to the Jelly of the Month club, to having to put up with his family over the holiday’s I am sure plenty of people can empathise!

Laugh out loud comedy at its best.


3. Nativity! (2009)

I watched this when it was first released with the kids and I must admit during that initial viewing I was thinking what on earth am I watching! However this quickly became of my top 3 Christmas movies! Despite having a slightly strange storyline it is full of fun and laughs for the whole family which is all wrapped up with a wonderful ‘true meaning of Christmas’ ending.  I challenge anyone to watch this movie without falling in love with Mr Poppy (Marc Woolton) who is just hilarious.

A fantastic watch for the whole family!


2. Elf (2003)

I have always been a massive Will Ferrell fan but for me this is the pinnacle of his career! An unconventional story of a human child mistakenly being taken back to the North Pole in Santa’s sack and then being raised as an elf, the movie  follows Buddy the elf’s journey to find his real Father with Pant wetting hilarity (or perhaps that’s just us Mum’s LOL) throughout. It really has something for everyone with ‘over the head’ humour for adults and comical visual comedy for the kids.

I can’t think of any other actor that could pull off the role of Buddy as well as Ferrell does and it just isn’t Christmas without multiple viewings (usually starting early November!).


1. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

This film had to be top of my list! It’s the one that I watched year in year out from being a teenager with my younger sister’s. I have continued to watch it every Christmas as an adult, even before having my own children. It’s based on the classic story but with that special Muppet twist. Comedy throughout is provided by Gonzo and Rizzo who act as narrator’s to keep the story moving along with Michael Caine giving a fabulous performance as Scrooge himself. Plus keep an eye out for a very young Robin Weaver who plays Simon’s Mum in The Inbetweeners.

For me this is the ultimate Christmas must watch movie!


Let us know your favourite festive movies by leaving a comment below!

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21 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Christmas Must Watch Movies!

  1. I really want to see The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! I’ve seen so many different parts on TV, but I’ve never seen it all the way through! I love The Grinch and The Santa Claus, and I do have to say I prefer the first Home Alone movie, but the second is good too!


  2. I watched 20 Christmas films over the last few weeks so I have actually seen most of these 😄. I loved Fred Claus, Elf, Nativity & The Holiday. I would also add Jack Frost as I thought that was such a sweet film ☃️. I still need to watch The Grinch and Muppets Christmas Carol ☺️. Great list, thank you for sharing! 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


    1. That’s sounds like my idea of heaven, with having kids my chances of watching that many films are pretty small! Haven’t seen Jack Frost for years will have to try and squeeze it in this week ☃️


  3. Oh my goodness! I’ve been looking for a post on Christmas movies as I’m currently looking for as many Christmas-related movies as I can find to watch in the next few weeks during my break.
    I have added The Grinch & the Muppet’s Christmas Carol to my list!
    I have already seen Home Alone & Elf, and enjoyed them so much. 😀

    Thanks for linking me to your post!

    El @ Exclusory 💕


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