Speed Cleaning: 5 Minute Housework Tasks

It’s January, all the festivities are over, and your house could do with a good clean now the decorations are safely packed away. Trouble is you’re back to work and the last thing you want to do after a long day is spend your evening cleaning, right? I know the temptation is to just pretend the housework doesn’t exist, but a good spring clean is the perfect way to beat those January Blues and it doesn’t have to take long.

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Like many people I don’t have long periods of time available for housework, but I find by doing it in smaller sessions it’s much easier and less overwhelming. We all have at least 10 minutes a day spare that we would usually spend browsing social media so instead why not put the screen down and get a couple of jobs done?

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Personally, I like to break my household tasks down into 5-minute slots and then what I chose to do depends on how much time I have available. To help give you some New Year cleaning inspiration I’ve put together a list of some example housework tasks that will take you 5 minutes or less. Simply pick a few from the list and fit them in when you can and before you know it your home will be sparkling once more.

  • Empty all bins
  • Wash dishes/ load dishwasher
  • Dust one room
  • Hoover one room
  • Clean toilet & sink
  • Clean Bath
  • Wipe down bathroom tiles
  • Clean hob
  • Put away clean washing
  • Change bedding
  • Sweep & mop one room
  • Wipe out fridge & dispose of out of date items
  • Check Freezer for out of date items
  • Wet dust skirting boards in one room
  • Empty laundry basket & start a wash
  • Wipe down kitchen outside of kitchen cupboards
  • Wipe down kitchen surfaces & tiles
  • Hoover the stairs
  • Fold clean clothes
  • Empty washing machine
  • Clean inside & rearrange one kitchen cupboard
  • Disinfect door handles
  • Dust/rearrange bookshelves
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean/dust light fittings
  • Clean Microwave
  • Clean windows in one room
  • Clean/hoover sofa(s)
  • Clean computer & TV screens
  • Descale the kettle
  • Remove crumbs from the toaster & clean
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This is just a few ideas of how you could utilise a spare 5 minutes, but the list is endless and can be modified for your own purpose. By spending a few short bursts of time completing your housework it will feel much less like a chore and you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish.

Why not get up 5 minutes earlier and fit in one before work?

How about cleaning out and reorganising a cupboard whilst tea is cooking? Before you know it, they will all be clean and tidy just by spending 5 minutes a day!

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