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The Importance Of Extra Curricular Activities

AD | Extra-curricular activities are activities your children choose to participate in, outside of the classroom. These can include a number of hobbies and interests, from joining a football team, to swimming or even volunteering at a local charity. By taking part in extra-curricular activities, your child will learn how to successfully balance their
school and social life, as well as benefit from learning new skills that may help them in the future.

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We have teamed up with Mill Hill School to explore the importance of extra curricular activities and why they should be encouraged…

Personal skills

Extra-curricular activities are an ideal way of gaining more experience and developing personal skills. When your child adds a new extra-curricular activity to their timetable, they will be taking on more responsibility. This should improve their organisational skills and help them to manage their time more efficiently.

Participating in extra-curricular activities is also a great way to build an impressive CV and can help it to stand out. Your child will be able to show an employer their personal interests, as well as their grades.

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Extra-curricular activities are a great way for your child to build new friendships with people who share similar interests. Your child may also have the opportunity to develop their teamwork, communication and problem solving skills, during their chosen activity. You may also see a change in your child’s self-confidence, as they explore a new environment and surround themselves with new people.


By taking part in new activities, your child will be able to explore and develop their personal interests and styles. Performing art classes and music lessons are both great opportunities for your child to be more creative and learn how to express their individuality. To help your child to find a suitable extra-curricular activity, you could look online for local clubs and classes or ask at their school. Try to find activities that match their interests and spark their passions to help keep them motivated.


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