Book Review: Her Husband’s Mistake By Sheila O’Flanagan

I’ve been a massive fan of Sheila O’Flanagan’s books for as long as I can remember and was thrilled when I was sent a proof copy of her latest novel due for release tomorrow! It’s my absolute pleasure to offer my thoughts on this latest offering in today’s post and would like to thank Becky Hunter from Headline for sending me a copy of Her Husband’s Mistake.


Roxy’s marriage has always been rock solid.

After twenty years, and with two carefree kids, she and Dave are still the perfect couple.

Until the day she comes home unexpectedly, and finds Dave in bed with their attractive, single neighbour.

Suddenly Roxy isn’t sure about anything – her past, the business she’s taken over from her dad, or what her family’s future might be. She’s spent so long caring about everyone else that she’s forgotten what she actually wants. But something has changed. And Roxy has a decision to make.

Whether it’s with Dave, or without him, it’s time for Roxy to start living for herself…


Roxy has just buried her beloved Father and is seeking comfort from her husband Dave. However, when she returns home from her Mother’s house in the early hours of the morning following the funeral, she gets far more than she bargains for when she catches him in bed with the next-door neighbour. In that one moment the foundations of Roxy’s existence are shaken to the core and the rock-solid marriage she always thought she had hangs in the balance. 

Retreating back to the relative security of her Mum’s home Roxy needs to regroup and make a decision, forgive and forget or move on? Whilst struggling to process both the grief of losing her Father and her Husband’s betrayal she decides to take on the responsibility of keeping her Dad’s chauffeuring business alive. By doing so she has the time to contemplate her future as well as the opportunity to meet an array of clients, all of whom impart their own wisdom during their journey’s that prompt Roxy to consider her options carefully. 

She has spent her life devoted to being a Wife and Mother to the detriment of her own hopes and dreams, but will she let this one ‘blip’ change the course of her life or return to being the downtrodden and neglected person she realises she has become? 

As with all of Sheila’s books this is an incredibly well-written story that really grabs your attention whilst throwing up a heap of questions and self-reflection along the way. The main characters all have real depth and the situations discussed are so relatable thanks it’s down to earth ‘real-life’ plot line. Dave was a character I really disliked, with no redeeming characteristics at all, despite me hoping that perhaps he may have a softer side. His involvement in the story is perfectly written to make the reader hate his guts and I certainly did – a rare thing for me as I usually try and find at least one positive thing about the ‘baddie’! 

Family is at the heart of this wonderful tale and I really enjoyed getting to know about the extended family including Roxy’s Mum who is also navigating her own grief. It was really great to read her story too and see how she navigated her own loss whilst starting to make adjustments to her new life as a widow. 

As a whole this book isn’t an ‘edge of the seat’ story, but does have a few elements of mystery to keep the reader engaged and the pages turning. Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Her Husband’s Mistake, it’s a beautifully written light-hearted tale that would make an ideal holiday read, you can NEVER go wrong with a Sheila O’Flanagan!!! 

About The Author

Sheila O’Flanagan is the author of many bestselling novels including The Hideaway, What Happened That Night, The Missing Wife, My Mother’s Secret, If You Were Me and All For You (winner of the Irish Independent Popular Fiction Book of The Year Award). She lives in Dublin with her husband.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook


Her Husband’s Mistake is available to purchase from Amazon*

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**We were gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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