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Identifying Your Child’s Academic Strengths

AD | Every child has different individual strengths. These may include personal, social, creative, language or logic strengths.  By identifying and understanding your child’s strengths you can help to encourage their passions and unlock their full academic potential.

To help you explore your child’s strengths, Hampstead Hill School in London have kindly put together the following tips…

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Pay Attention

 Talk to your children about their day at school. What did they enjoy? What subjects do they talk the most about and what pieces of homework are they keen to do?

By tuning into your child’s passions and seeing what really excites them, you will be able to help harness and enhance their academic strengths at home.

Encourage Them

 When your child has worked hard on a project, received a good grade on an exam, or tried something for the first time, remember to praise them and tell them how proud you are. Encouragement and praise are crucial to nurturing their strengths.

Spend Time Together

The best way to learn what your child enjoys doing most is by spending some quality time together. Plan a day out, or let them choose the activity and then pay close attention to the parts of the day they appreciate the most. This will help to give you an insight into some of their individual strengths.

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Play Games

What game does your child enjoy the most? Do they love games where they get to use their creative skills, such as Pictionary or word games like Scrabble? The type of games they enjoy can help to give you a good indication of their academic strengths.

Read Books

 Try reading lots of different books together to see which ones they enjoy the most and which ones seem to spark their imagination.

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