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How To Encourage Your Child To Learn Over The Summer

AD* | Did you know that studies have found that over the summer holidays, children can forget a surprising amount of what they learned during the school year? This is often referred to as ‘summer learning loss’.  Fortunately there is a way that parents can help to prevent this loss of learning and it is… Continue reading How To Encourage Your Child To Learn Over The Summer

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Identifying Your Child’s Academic Strengths

AD | Every child has different individual strengths. These may include personal, social, creative, language or logic strengths.  By identifying and understanding your child’s strengths you can help to encourage their passions and unlock their full academic potential. To help you explore your child’s strengths, Hampstead Hill School in London have kindly put together the… Continue reading Identifying Your Child’s Academic Strengths

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Review: Read With Phonics Kids App

Parents of school age children will without a doubt be familiar with phonics that are used to help teach those all important sounds needed to aid reading, writing and spelling. I'll happily admit when my older girls started learning the phonics sounds way back in nursery I was pretty clueless as I don't remember being… Continue reading Review: Read With Phonics Kids App

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Christmas Gift Ideas From What2Buy4Kids

Since January I've been proud to be a Brand Ambassador for What2Buy4Kids and in today's post I wanted to share some of my top picks from their site to help you with some Christmas gift inspiration. If you aren’t familiar with What2Buy4Kids let me tell you a little about them first…. What2Buy4Kids launched back in… Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas From What2Buy4Kids

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Educational Fun For Kids With Kidloland

It’s crazy how quickly technology has moved on and become such a huge part of our everyday life over just the last ten years alone. Rewind to when my teens were little and although I owned a mobile phone it was only really used for texting and calling, there weren’t any apps and games available… Continue reading Educational Fun For Kids With Kidloland

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Hopster TV Review: The Kids-Safe Learning App

Technology is now part of our everyday lives a completely different world to the one I grew up in and its growth has been significant even in the 10yrs since the girls were small. It’s not surprising then that from an early age children come into contact with and have the desire to utilise devices… Continue reading Hopster TV Review: The Kids-Safe Learning App