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How To Encourage Your Child To Learn Over The Summer

AD* | Did you know that studies have found that over the summer holidays, children can forget a surprising amount of what they learned during the school year? This is often referred to as ‘summer learning loss’. 

Fortunately there is a way that parents can help to prevent this loss of learning and it is as simple as combining educational activities with your summer fun!

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Listed below are some great activities recommended by Manor House School to encourage your children to stay engaged and enjoy learning during the summer holidays…

Reading & Writing

Try to keep up reading and writing with your child over the school holidays. This will ensure that all their hard work at school isn’t forgotten. There are lots of fun activities you can do together that will help to practice their reading and writing skills, such as keeping a diary of your summer holiday memories. You can also incorporate reading and writing opportunities into everyday activities, such as writing your shopping list or following a recipe.

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From board games to garden games, there are a wide variety of fun games you can use as learning opportunities. Games can help to teach certain skills or test your child’s knowledge. Card games, for example, can help to develop counting and strategy skills, whereas board games can help to improve concentration and general knowledge skills. The best part about playing games is that you can play them together as a family.

If your child prefers to use their tablet or computer to play games, why don’t you have a look for some fun but educational video games? There are lots of available online. You could ask your child’s teacher for recommendations.


Whether you’re going on holiday or staying home this summer, try to include educational trips into your plans. These trips could include tourist attractions, museums, zoos or historical buildings. You could even visit a local factory or an art studio to learn how things are made.  Doing trips together as a family is a great way to help your children learn in a way that is fun and interesting.

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