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Modern Day Fairy Tale’s With Plusnet

We are all familiar with the classic, traditional fairy tales that have been passed from parent to child for centuries and it’s certainly something I hold fond memories of sharing with my own Mum as a child. Being avid readers it’s not a surprise that a large book of Fairy Tales was one of the first books to adorn the shelves when we had children and despite the eldest two now being teenagers, I’ve been thrilled to have the opportunity to share them all over again with Leo.

I’ve always adored reading and sharing stories with the children from them being babes in arms, finding it a wonderful way to bond and spend quality time with them, however recent studies show that this is something on the decline, with 85% of parents admitting they don’t read aloud to their children everyday. It’s completely understandable and easy to see why with the pace of life becoming even more demanding it can be a real struggle to find time in the hectic jumble of work, children and home life.

Fear not though as communications provider Plusnet have come up with a plan to help us busy parents claim back that quality story-telling time by teaming up with renowned actor Larry Lamb who has penned and produced a trilogy of modern day fairy tales with a digital technology twist. Despite screen time often getting bad press these brand new 21st century stories are designed to show how  enjoyable digital story-time can be, whilst highlighting the lighter side of how technology is intertwined in our modern day life.

To celebrate the launch of the ‘Once Upon A Time’ campaign, Plusnet challenged us to create our very own modern day fairy tale story. Leo absolutely loves creating and writing his own story books and this challenge is one we were both excited to get our teeth into. To get us started Plusnet sent us a goodie box of supplies as well as a book of classic fairy tales to help give us some inspiration.

Having read some our favourite classic fairy tales together we were ready to plan our story idea and I became nothing more than the scribe as Leo dictated his brand new story to me whilst I dutifully followed his guidance! The main inspiration for our new tale Alex and the Monster, came from reading Red Riding Hood as I’m sure you’ll see when you take a look!

Once our story was complete, then came the fun part of bringing the character’s to life in pictures, something Leo is fantastic at – although I may be biased being his Mummy! Once finished he couldn’t wait to share it with Dad and his sister’s and has since been reading it to everyone that will listen – so far everyone has really enjoyed it and we hope you will too!

Once upon a time there was a boy called Alex. One day Alex was going to visit his Grandpa in London to deliver a parcel.

Along the way he met a big green monster who wanted to take Alex to Monster Land. Alex ran away and got lost in the big city.

Soon he was getting tired and he met the Mayor who helped him find Grandpa’s house. But, the big green monster had taken Grandpa away to Monster Land.

Alex followed the monster slime all the way to Monster Land and fought the naughty monster. He saved Grandpa! The Travelled back to Grandpa’s house together and went to bed because they were very tired.

I hoped you you enjoyed Leo’s brand new fairy tale and it’s inspired you to get creative with your own little one’s, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. ALso be sure to check out Larry Lamb’s 21st century updated versions of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and our favourite Little Red Riding Hood.

Who are Plusnet?

Plusnet was born in 1997 with a simple plan- to think and act differently from other communications providers and save consumers and businesses money. That’s not changed since the day they launch; 21 years later they are still providing great value phone, broadband and mobile services nationwide, from their HQ in Yorkshire.

Plusnet pride themselves on offering the best customer service out there; and with a stack of awards to prove it, it seems their customers and industry professionals agree. They were recently awarded’Best Broadband Provider’, ‘Best Customer Care’, ‘Most Reliable Broadband Provider’, ‘Most Trustworthy Provider’ and ‘Most Recommended Provider’ at the 2018 Broadband Genie Awards. They were also awarded ‘Best Provider of Customer Service’ and ‘Best SIM Only Network’ at the uSwitch Broadband Awards in 2019.

*We were gifted the items included in this post to create our own fairy tale. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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