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Review: Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure Craft & Sensory Box

I have always really enjoyed getting crafty with the kids, there’s nothing better on a day when we are at a loose end than to get the creative juices flowing. Quite often though when the crafting mood takes hold I find that we are missing something we need and end up having to make a dash to the shop to buy additional materials – not ideal with a little one who lacks patience! I have found the perfect resolution to this problem with Craft and Sensory boxes from Squidgydoodle.

Squidgydoodle owner, Debbie, also runs a craft and sensory company which operates arty workshops and parties for children. Discovering that her clients would like to do more home-based craft activities with their children, but finding they often lacked inspiration or didn’t have the materials needed Debbie created Squidgydoodle. By creating themed craft and sensory boxes filled with everything needed Debbie has been able to provide Parents and Carers with a perfect hassle-free, fun-filled activity box.


We were kindly gifted the Superhero Adventure box so that Leo and I could get the full Squidgydoodle experience. Our letterbox sized box arrived with everything we need to complete four fun activities along with a brightly coloured instruction leaflet to guide us through each activity.

The first activity that caught Leo’s eye was the Superhero Mask and he was excited to start adding the decorations, so he could wear it. The kit supplies a plain blue superhero mask and heaps of different things to stick and glue on the personalise it including feathers, stickers, and superhero shaped zig zigs! Despite having so many items to choose from Leo decided the go for the more minimalist look (I think he was quite keen to wear it!) and once I had attached the elastic provided he proudly announced himself as Brave Man!


Second activity up was POW! BAM! Designed to help kids with the concept of pointillism, this activity consists of a black and white printed POW sheet, three different coloured paints and three cotton buds. The idea being that children use the cotton buds to decorate the picture using a series of small coloured dots which when held at a distance will appear as a block of colour to the naked eye. Despite explaining and giving a demo on a sperate piece of paper Leo decided to make a dot pattern of his own and enjoyed mixing the colours too – he is possibly a bit young to get the concept of the outcome we were aiming for, but he had a fantastic time decorating his dotty picture. Cotton buds aren’t a tool I would have thought of using when painting, but he really enjoyed using something other than a paintbrush or his fingers!


The third activity in the box was Slime Attack! Show me a kid who doesn’t like slime and goo, I knew this one would be an instant hit. The slime mix came in a small self-seal bag and at first glance I was dubious about how much slime could actually be made from such a small quantity. Making the slime was simple we just had to add water, mix and microwave the solution for a just over 3 minutes. Once ready there was plenty of green slime which of course needed to be cooled before Leo could dig his hands in! We were also supplied with an ‘old skool’ yellow stretchy man (I used to love these when I was younger!), which Leo spent ages burying and dunking in and out of the slime, stretching him as much as he possibly could until the poor guy’s head fell off! This is such a fantastic sensory activity and such a simple concept, yet it kept us both amused for ages.


The final activity was Bash the Baddie, which we completed whilst waiting for the slime to cool, Mummy should probably have thought ahead and made the slime first, never mind! This one was a cleverly combined art and sensory activity as we were supplied with a pair of knotted tights filled with rice. Leo really enjoyed having a squish and feel of the rice before we started, and we discussed what was inside and how it might affect the way the paint went onto the paper. For this activity there was a printed sheet with a ‘baddie’ on it and using the remainder of the paint supplied the idea was to dunk the tights and holding the end bash it down onto the paper. I think this may have been the favourite of all the activities and it was most definitely the messiest – thumbs up for the washable paint! Once finished bashing the life out of the baddie sheet we used some plain paper to make some firework pictures too which look really effective.


Leo and I spent a wonderful, fun-filled (wet) afternoon with our Squidgydoodle box. I loved that it offered four completely different activities and that everything that we needed was supplied, no rummaging in drawers required. These are perfectly pitched to keep kids engaged, learning and having fun and are ideal to have tucked away in the cupboard for wet or ‘ boring’ day – perfect for school holidays when your ideas are running out!


The boxes are available in a range of themes including Superhero, Winter Wonderland, Rainbows & Unicorns, Spring Surprise and Holiday Fun. Each containing different ideas and activities there’s plenty to choose from and something for everyone.

There is also an option to buy themed party packs which sound amazing if you are braving a party at home and looking for a way to entertain the kids. Containing everything needed to complete loads of craft and sensory activities, plus themed party game ideas, thank you notes and top tips for making your party a success it would really take all of the planning and thought out of hosting your child’s party – perfect for busy parents!

To check out the range of themed boxes available visit Squidgydoodle’s website .

You can also visit them on social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

We were gifted a Superhero Adventure Box in return for an honest review. All thought and opinions are our own.

6 thoughts on “Review: Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure Craft & Sensory Box

  1. Wow, what a fab subscription box. I love it when they include everything you need so you don’t need to go hunting around for bits and pieces at home. And how much fun does that slime look? I think I’m going to have to look into this for Flora – I know the sun’s out now but this would be the perfect rainy day activity! Thank you for a great review, Mel! x

    Lisa |

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  2. This looks like a super fun box for children! 😍 I love that it’s so crafty and creative! This looks like the perfect way to spend a few hours on a rainy day. It seems like Leo really enjoyed himself and made some awesome things! Fab post lovely 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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