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Growing With Personalised Parties

I am a huge fan of personalised items and love buying them for my family and friends so when Personalised Parties asked if I would like to write a review for them I jumped at the chance. Based in Cheltenham, Personalised Parties offer everything you could possibly need to make your occasion a special one. Their range is vast offering everything from partyware packs to special gifts all personalised and leaving you spoilt for choice. As well as their own designs Personalised Parties sell licenced products including favourites like Marvel, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess and many more, with so much many there is sure to be a design to suit everyone’s taste.

I was lucky to be given a choice of items and immediately knew the Personalised height chart would be perfect as Leo is in the middle of his ‘how tall am I?’ phase – this entails me having to retrieve the tape measure from the drawer every few days to measure him and see if he has grown!!!


When the girls were younger they had height charts and was expecting the one I received to be the similar, I couldn’t have been more wrong, the ones the girls had were inferior in comparison. Our chart arrived in a huge tube and was securely packaged with bubble wrap inside. When I eventually managed to prise the lid of the tube open – I said it was secure and it definitely was! – despite being neatly rolled I was surprised at just how big the chart was. Measuring 46cm wide once unravelled it is 108cm tall – much bigger than any standard height charts I have seen.

I picked the Superhero themed chart for Leo to match his blue and white themed bedroom and it looks perfect. The chart is personalised at the top with his name and you have a choice of colour and font when making a purchase . The chart measures height from 50-150cm meaning I needed my trusty tape measure to ensure it was hung correctly! The colours are beautifully bright and vivid, and the chart is made from a thick, top quality and durable material that is obviously designed to stand the test of time.

Having hung the chart without Leo’s knowledge he was delighted when I surprised him – as you can clearly see in the photos, I couldn’t wipe the smile off his face! We spent a long time taking it in turns seeing how tall we were. I did have to duck a little to be under the 150cm limit, but Leo was thrilled to be a whole 105cm tall!! (We have incorporated daily measuring sessions into our bedtime routine, but as yet no growth to report!) Mr F and the girls also had to have their measurements taken on their return from school and work too! Being personalised added something extra as he was excited to recognise his name and realise that it was especially for him!


I’m really impressed with the service, quality and choice offered by Personalised Parties and wouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase from them in the future. My only problem is knowing what to choose, however I’m not saying that’s a bad thing!! The height chart we were sent would make a wonderful gift for any occasion and let’s face it kids love knowing how tall they have grown, so if it saves you having to dig out the long-lost tape measure every few days it’s got to be a winner!

Click here to view the Superhero Height Chart of visit the Personalised Parties Website to see the full range of products available.

We were gifted a Superhero Height Chart in return for an honest review. All thought and opinions expressed are our own.

8 thoughts on “Growing With Personalised Parties

  1. I’m obsessed with personalised items! Thank you for doing this review, I now have another thing to add to my bookmarks. Leo is such a cutie by the way xx

    Soffy //


  2. This is too cute! I love this personalized gift especially the fact that leo’s name is written on the top! I can definitely see from the pictures how happy he is with is gift! 😄🙌🏼


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