Bakerdays: Cake Direct To Your Letterbox

I have a confession…… I think I’m addicted to cake! For me there doesn’t have to be a special occasion or reason to eat cake, any time of the day is perfectly acceptable to indulge in a slice. I think I may have given a few indications in my recent birthday post about my cake obsession so for regular readers my confession may not come a surprise! Imagine if you will then my delight to discover that I can have cake delivered to my door! Even better than that cake that can fit through my letterbox! Seems impossible I know, but that’s exactly what Bakerdays offer their customers, so when they contacted me to ask if I would like to try one of course I jumped at the chance!


The Bakerdays website is like heaven for cake addicts, offering thousands of options and designs which I literally spent hours pouring over before making a selection. I decided on a Father’s Day cake as a treat for Mr F and plumped for chocolate flavour filling – this was more for me than hubby if I’m completely honest! I could have chosen a vast number of flavours including Victoria Sponge, lemon drizzle and red velvet to name but a few, but for me chocolate is always a winner. It was also fantastic to see they cater for those with special dietary requirements offering gluten, wheat and dairy free cakes too. All cakes are handmade to order to ensure they arrive with the recipient full of freshness.


When it came to design I was spoilt for choice in the Father’s Day section let alone the hundreds of other ready-made designs. With the help of the girls I decided to go for a ready-made design featuring a cute teddy and I was able to personalise by adding a message for Mr F. As well as the designs available on the website Bakerdays also offer a bespoke design service, working with you to create the perfect cake to your specifications, making your cake unique and personal to your recipient. Plus, if you still can’t decide their in-house designers will create a surprise cake especially for you, how fabulous is that!


I’ll be completely honest with you when the package arrived I was dubious about if there was actually a cake inside as it did indeed pop through my letter box whilst I was out. I needn’t have worried as inside the box was a circular tin emblazoned with ‘mmm cake’ which was the confirmation I needed! Perfectly sized at 5” in diameter and 2.5cm high my letterbox cake arrived safe and undamaged thanks to the protection of the tin – I was worried the posties may have been throwing it around in transit! I must mention too that when I took the tin lid off I could really smell the chocolate of the cake and it smelt delicious!


The colours on the design were just as vivid as the image on the website and Mr F loved it! As I’m away over Father’s Day we took the opportunity to have an early celebration with the cake taking centre stage. When I cut into the cake the knife glided through with ease and the sponge was super soft. As it’s not very deep the icing on top was fairly thin which is perfect for me as I’m not a fan of it being too thick as it takes away from the cake itself. The chocolate cake was dotted with chocolate chips and had a lovely rich flavour meaning just a small slice was plenty to satisfy my cake need. Everyone enjoyed the cake even Leo for whom cake can be hit and miss plus there was still plenty left even after having a slice each. I also love that once we had polished the cake off I could reuse the tin which is perfectly sized to keep Knick knacks inside.


Bakerdays really have thought of everything when creating this service, allowing customers to send postable cakes to friends and family for any occasion you can possibly think of, combined with top notch customer service and attention to detail. I would be delighted to receive one of these as a gift and would happily gift them in the future.

Cakes can also be ordered in various larger sizes or if preferred there is a large range of cupcakes available. Or to make your gift extra special why not order a personalised balloon too! Bakerdays also offer cake delivery internationally, ideal for sending a surprise gift to a loved regardless of distance.


Do you have an upcoming celebration and know someone who would love to receive a cake through their door? Or fancy treating yourself? Then make sure you take advantage of our exclusive discount code and receive 15% off your order when you quote FRASERSFUNHOUSE15  at checkout – expires 30th June 2018

To view the full range of products available visit the Bakerdays Website

We were gifted a letterbox cake in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

One thought on “Bakerdays: Cake Direct To Your Letterbox

  1. This is such a cool idea! 💖 I love cake and having one arrive through the letterbox is awesome! Chocolate cake with chocolate chips is the best cake ever, it sounds delicious. This would be a great way to send someone a cake who lived far away and you couldn’t visit them on their birthday/special occasion. Fab post Melanie 😘 (I’m craving some choc cake now, he he 🙈) xx

    Bexa |


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